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Xexyz - Primeval Mountain

Xexyz - Primeval Mountain

Label : Suffering Jesus Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Re-release

Roel F. : Suffering Jesus will always be a weird label, by the looks of it. With albums by bands such as Taarma and Tjolgtjar they do not really have any winners on the roster and now they have come up with a re-release of Xexyz's 'Primeval Mountain,' a band of dubious nature. Xexyz, a name that also belongs to an old Nintendo game, plays some sort of hybrid between Nintendo samples and lyrics and black metal that SJP likes to call NES-BM. While the little word play is quite funny, the music on 'Primeval Mountain' is not.

Like the other band Reverend JR Preston is in (he plays in about eight bands or so), Tjogtjar, the sound of Xexyz reminds of 90's black metal that is somewhat marred by bad production. The use of Nintendo bleeps is, admittedly, innovative, but the black they are to accompany is, at best, of a low standard. Conclusion: Xexyz has stumbled upon a gimmick; unfortunately a gimmick that grows stale quickly, which is clearly the result of the failing black metal and boring riffs. Only 'The Trojan Doom' is enjoyable, because of the cute bleeps that are more pop than metal.

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