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Raunchy - Velvet Noise

Raunchy - Velvet Noise

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Peter D. : The Danish metal scene sucks. At least, that is what Exmortem's guitarist Martin once told me in an interview I had with him when I still was an editor of Martelgang Metalzine. Still, Danemark did produce some interesting metal bands over the years. Bands such as Artillery, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Konkhra and Martin's own band prove that it is not all bad news coming from the country of Lego. And let us not forget that guy that plays the drums in that band we all used to love, a long time ago... eeh... what's his name again? Lars… something…

Anyway, from now on we can ad Raunchy to these names. That is, if you like modern, Fear Factory-like metal with some nu-metal influences. Because that is what Raunchy serve us on their first album. The tight, mechanical riffing and drum parts with clean and screaming vocals sound familiar. Therefore, Raunchy are not very original. But by the use of poppy melodies and atmospheric, dark keyboard-sounds they start to form something that in the future could become an individual sound. And even if they do not, the ten songs on 'Velvet Noise' are well-written, well sung and well produced. People who are into aggressive, modern metal should find something of their interest here.

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