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Draconian - Turning Season Within

Draconian - Turning Season Within

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kim : Fourteen years ago Draconian originally formed to be a death metal band, but today this band is a (gothic) doom band of sublime quality. Once more they have delivered an excellent album with 'Turning Season Within'. And to be honest I didn't expect anything else.

The new Draconian album sounds a bit speedier in relation to their former records. But don't be afraid; the melancholic, touching guitar- and drum sounds and the dramatic/ sad atmospheres are still present. But this time the band carried through some changes in their music. Female singer Lisa has a more leading role and the guitar sounds and grunts are heavier and rougher then before. Only the song 'Morphine Cloud' reminds me of the atmosphere of the previous album 'Arcane Rain Fell Within'. The themes in the lyrics are typically doom oriented; hopeless/ failing love relationships and how to deal with it. The only thing that disappoints me a bit; is that there's still no cover of the Paradise Lost song 'Gothic' on this album. It's about time to keep that promise, guys! I think it would have been a great bonus track on this CD.

My conclusion about this album: they again delivered a beautiful, woeful and magical tragedy with 'Turning Season Within'. With this album Draconian opened the way to an own identity. Everyone who didn't knew Draconian before; shame on you! If you are a lover of doom in the style of My Dying Bride with a touch of gothic this album deserves a place in your CD collection.

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