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Savage Messiah - Spitting Venom

Savage Messiah - Spitting Venom

Label : Plastic Head Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Nima : Back in 2006 I heard the demo 'Burning Sanctuary' by the English thrash metal band Headless Cross that, especially for demo standards, sounded quite good. The ex-singer/guitarist of that band has now formed another thrash band and has helped from ex-Dragonforce drummer Pete Hunt. Savage Messiah goes on the same path as Headless Cross, but the quality has grown little ever since.

Technically the band knows what it's doing and it's audible that we're dealing with experienced musicians here. But with that in the back of your mind you ask yourself why they have copied so much from Testament. They have however used some melodic influences of a band like Arch Enemy so that they don't sound like a complete Testament-clone, but on the other hand Silver tries his very best to sound like Chuck Billy. Unfortunately he doesn't come close to this giant, and forgive me for saying, but from a musician that had been around for more than fifteen years I simply expect more! And to call this uninspired copy "UK's best kept thrash secret”… Well, some secrets are indeed better left untold.

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