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Koan Quartet - Koan Quartet

Koan Quartet - Koan Quartet

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : The dividing line between different musical styles is sometimes very thin. This is certainly the case with the Italians of Koan Quartet. Most tracks on this instrumental album, which was already released in November 2006, lie on or cross that line between jazz, fusion and prog. In a magazine like Lords of Metal? "Why not?” says chief Vonberg.

Together with session trumpet player Chuck Findley and saxophonist Luciano Ciaramella these four Italian musicians serve up a session of eight songs, all recorded in one day. Of the four guitarists, Giovanni Francesca appeals the most with his delicious guitar performance he 'dresses' the songs very stylishly. The keyboards, bass and drums are also played in style, but they sometimes get on my nerves, yes even with a progrocker like me. There are still some nice moments, for example in 'Nodo Alla Gola', 'Demoni Meridiani E Notturni' and 'Dream'. If you want to try something else, you definitely should give Koan Quartet a try. I guess you'll find them in the jazz section of your local music store.

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