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Resistance - Patents Of Control

Resistance - Patents Of Control

Label : Lion Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : About two years ago the American heavy metallers of Resistance released the respectable debut album 'Lies In Black' and not long ago they came up with an excellent follower 'Patents Of Control' which has outdone the debut on every aspect.

The powerful heavy metal with here and there some thrash influences is more balanced on this album. From the very first tunes of the opening track 'End Of Today' the music takes hold of you and doesn't let go that easily. Especially the guitar riffs sound utterly powerful and above all versatile. The changes in tempo are brilliantly arranged and the band sounds a bit like Iced Earth. Don't get me wrong, because I'm not saying that Resistance is trying to copy Jon Schaffer and co., it's just that the combination of power metal and thrash creates the same atmosphere (listen to a song like 'The Cleansing' for example). Singer Robbie Hett is even more present than before and manages to bring a lot of variety in his voice. It also surprised me how close he comes to Blackie Lawless when he opens his throat. This gentleman is a true heavy metal singer and leaves a horde of sissy power metal singers far behind him. The community singing in the background fits the music perfectly and really adds something extra to the songs. The powerful production does the rest.

Resistance has delivered a beautiful album which will surely conquer the hearts of all fans of hard 'n heavy. Be sure to give this album a listen!

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