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Agonizer - Birth / The End

Agonizer - Birth / The End

Label : Spinefarm | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : In the included documents the Finnish act Agonizer is described as quite a special band. The writer also informs us about some contests the act did not win. Spinefarm rarely issues real horrible albums, and this is not bad either, but very special? No way.

The heavy metal served by the band sounds a lot like the early Sonata Arctica albums. Now I can live with that, for the songs are not at all just copies of SA songs. The problem is that the music just can't seem to grab my attention. The melodies are interesting and special only on a few occasions. On the other moments, the melodies just seem to roll on without special ideas or attention. By means of rustic parts or the use of alternative instruments the act tries to create a different atmosphere. In only few occasions this works out the right way. Now and than a solo or interesting break grabs my attention, but that never lasts long. Next to that, the vocals are mixed to the background and de voice of van Pasi Karkkainen tends to irritate me. There is no false word in his lyrics, but his voice is clearly overloaded and that results in an irritating vibrato. Next to that, there is hardly any emotion in his vocals to be heard. Most of the songs do have an interesting opening, but the band is never able to keep them interesting when the song proceeds.

I do hear a few interesting parts, so there is hope for the future. And, the members know how to play metal, the foundations are there, no doubt. However, the vocals need attention and of course the vocals need a more dominating position in the mix. I really want to hear their next album, because the potential is there. But for now it is not enough to satisfy the spoiled metal hearts.

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