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Master - Let’s Start A War

Master - Let’s Start A War

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Release type: Full-length CD

Peter B. : Paul Speckmann is back at the front! The legendary Master brings us "Let's Start A War”, the first feat of arms since 1998, when the CD "Faith Is In Season” was released. Speckmann clearly is a busy bee, and that is nothing new. In 1999 he tried it again with Abomination, and this gentleman also played in projects like Martyr, Deathstrike and Funeral Bitch.

Paul is still fascinated with everything about war. Nearly every song on this CD deals with this topic, mocking the American army and hypocrite politicians in particular.

"Let's Start A War” turns out to be a rather old-fashioned sounding Death Metal CD with a reasonable amount of influences from Paul's old favorites Motorhead and Black Sabbath. This is very well recognizable in songs like "Miss Misery” and "Protége”. The CD contains fast parts also (Watch What You Wish For) and in "Purchase A New Handgun” you can even hear some blues. The sound of this album is raw and that is exactly what it needs. What about the other musicians on this album? There is a line-up on the CD-cover, but somehow it seems a bit unlikely Harry Truman really took care of the drums on this album, and I am quite sure Ronald Reagan did not do the guitar parts! ;-)

Nice album, but not very special.

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