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My Own Grave - Unholy

My Own Grave - Unholy

Label : Pulverised Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Menno : Let’s start this review with the conclusion; My Own Grave fucking rules! I really can’t help it, but as soon as I press ‘play’, five primetime jewels just come rolling out my stereo, simple as that. The first thing you notice right after the start of this amazing aural experience is the brutal but still very crisp sound, recorded by Widda Widgren. When you start coming out of your knock-out after twenty seconds and you realise that you’re dealing with something extraordinary here, the time has come to start listening to the actual music.

My Own Grave’s ‘past’ (read; their debut ‘Unleashed’) used to be very black metal oriented, something they’ve kind off switched to death metal nowadays. However, the traditional black metal elements are most certainly not forgotten; the riffs seem to possess some kind of compelling evil, supported by the same sort of compelling vocals by Anders. The inevitable comparisons are automatically made with major acts such as Setherial (with which MOG toured in the past and their singer even growls along on ‘Cross after Cross’), Behemoth, Krisiun and a little hint of Slayer in the guitar riffs. Frankly, Slayer’s influences on the drums are way more up front; especially the grooving polka-rhythms make this MCD a very pleasant listening experience. This mini-CD was released in very small numbers for the Setherial tour but is available worldwide as we speak. To back up my conclusion at the beginning of this review a bit; everybody who has more than average interest in beautiful rolling, brutal, diabolic black/death/thrash (seriously, were can it go wrong?!) should pick this up if it ever crosses your path.

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