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All 47 Mini-CD's in this edition:

Band/Artist Album Style Score
Revenger The New Mythology Vol.1

speed / thrash metal --
Thornhill Butterfly EP

metalcore 82
Asenblut Legenden

pagan / folk metal --
Björn Riis Coming Home

prog / sympho metal 82
Twilight's Embrace Penance

doom metal 91
The Vale Autumn In The Valley

alternative / pop 78
Power From Hell Blood 'n' Spikes

speed / thrash metal --
Killing Capacity Machines Of War

death metal / grindcore 78
Ziggurat Ritual Miasma

death metal / grindcore 79
HAR Visitation

black metal 75
Morphcored Beyond The Kings

death metal / grindcore 74
Ripsaw Raise My Glass

speed / thrash metal --
Eïs Stillstand Und Heimkehr

black metal --
Divine Realm Nordicity

prog / sympho metal 67
Owl Maker Paths Of The Slain

heavy / power metal 60
Gateway Boundless Torture

doom metal --
The Vice Angst Death & Rock N Roll

alternative / pop --
Grim Fate Emerging From The Crypt

death metal / grindcore 91
Mortiferum Altar Of Decay

death metal / grindcore 60
Dark Buddha Rising Mahathgata II

doom metal --
Izegrim Beheaded By Trust

death metal / grindcore --
Godthrymm The Grand Reclamation

doom metal --
Cherokee Wakan Tanka Nici Un

hardrock / aor 40
Forte Ruin Rebuilding The Machinery

death metal / grindcore 82
Sentient Horror The Crypts Below

death metal / grindcore 90
The Dawn Razor Renaissances

speed / thrash metal 40
Above Aurora Path To Ruin

black metal 80
Toxikull The Nightraiser

speed / thrash metal --
Darius Clôture

post rock / post metal 50
Quantum Hierarchy Neutron Breed

death metal / grindcore --
Rotten Sound Suffer To Abuse

death metal / grindcore 80
Gianluca Magri Reborn

hardrock / aor 78
Carpathian Forest Likeim

black metal 40
Remain Untamed Remain Untamed

punk / hardcore 85
Witchcvlt 71 Blessings In Black

doom metal --
Terrestrial Hospice Universal Hate Speech

black metal 73
Secret Society The Induction

heavy / power metal 83
Ekpyrosis Primordial Chaos Restored

death metal / grindcore --
Concrete Swine Zeppelin Over Chernobyl

hardrock / aor 70
In Love Your Mother The Greatest Hits

different metal 15
The Order Of Chaos Night Terror

heavy / power metal 81
Destroyer Of Light Hopeless

doom metal --
Slaughterday Abattoir

death metal / grindcore 89
Candlemass House Of Doom

doom metal --
Verberis Vorant Gnosis

death metal / grindcore --
Tsjuder Throne Of The Goat 1997-2017

black metal --
Lamirál This EP Has No Name And It's Alright

punk / hardcore 80