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All 11 Demo's in this edition:

Band/Artist Album Style Score
End Cycle Stay Black

punk / hardcore 70
Slavery Farm Reborn

death metal / grindcore 67
For Blood And Vengeance I Am Your Enemy

punk / hardcore 82
Vexation Dark Fear

heavy / power metal 77
The Cleaner Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat

speed / thrash metal 73
Heretics Talent For Violence

death metal / grindcore 73
Demenseed Blood Stained Lamb

death metal / grindcore 76
Walthar The Unbearable Of Evil Voodoo Death

black metal 55
Acracia Vendetta

heavy / power metal 52
Gloominess Theater Of 27 part 5 – The Big Four

alternative / pop --
Glanville First Blood

hardrock / aor 74