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The Lords Of Metal address, for all your promo's, money to bribe us, anthrax-enveloppes and more clichéd stuff.

Lords of Metal E-zine
Horst Vonberg
Postbus 756
1780 AT Den Helder
The Netherlands

remove '_N.O.S.P.A.M.' from the adress and your mail will actually reach us

The best way to get reviewed in this magazine is by sending a CD or CD-R with your material (plus a biography and full contact details) to the address above. Vinyl and cassette are also accepted. Since LoM is reviewing on average 250 albums, demo's, DVD's each month we have no choice but to give absolute priority to review what has been send to us over stuff that has to be downloaded. All stuff that is physically send will be reviewed for sure.

Thanks for getting in touch with Lords Of Metal. Our core business is HARDROCK & METAL of any kind. Period. As a consequence we do not review stuff that has to be downloaded if it is not part of our core business. In other words, when looking for coverage if it is punk, hardcore/metalcore, EBM/industrial, poprock, fusion etc, (neo)Folk, then a physical promo is required. Mind you, please ask yourself first if you really want to be featured on a metal site before sending stuff that isn't hardrock or metal.

If you insist on using downloads, please use a system like iPool or Haulix then, and not .rar files, .zip files, dropboxes, bandcamps, soundclouds and other such sources. We do not review online streams of any kind of music. Due to the monthly flood of promo material it is almost impossible to review everything thrown at us, so we will indulge in cherry-picking among what's been offered as download.

Please do not flood our mailbox with unsolicited music and/or video files.

Regarding interviews and/or other possible features: those are possible, but only if we really like what we hear. Sending your physical promo material will get you reviewed for sure, but is not a guarantee for an interview or other features.

You are always welcome to submit your news and concert dates (Dutch-Belgian dates / European festivals only please).