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In the period 2000-2002 Mudvayne released three records, of which they sold over two million copies worldwide. But the last few years the band was surrounded by silence. However, this month the band will release the brand new record 'Lost And Found' on which they once again show their experimental side. The prosthetics and make-up sets have been thrown away and the pseudonyms have been replaced by the original names of the band members. Is this a completely new start for Mudvayne?

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band imageYou're new album 'Lost And Found' will be released within a few weeks. How do you guys feel about this record?

We think it's a great release. It's another part in our musical lives and it's a new thing for us. We explored our boundaries and the result of that is this new record. We all think it's a truly amazing release.

Between the release of this record and the one before ('The End Of All Things To Come') there's a gap of almost two and a half year. What's the reason it lasted for such a long time before you released a new record?

We just needed some time to get things straight. We took some downtime to organize our lives. We used that time to reconnect with our friends and our families. Just regain some energy so we would be able to hit the road again being fully motivated and concentrated.

So, you didn't slow down to take a breath after all the successes you've had in a period of just three years (over two million copies sold)?

No, we just needed a break, but that didn't have anything to do with the successes. Besides that, we took a lot of time to create this album. The writing process lasted for 4 months. After that we started recording the record, which also took us 2 whole months. So, in total we spent more than half a year to create this album. And that was one of the things we did on our, so called, time off. People might think we've been doing nothing for a few years, but actually we were busy creating a new record. We worked a lot during that time.

The opening track of the record is called 'Fucking Determined' ('FD'). Do those words describe the current Mudvayne mentality?

I don't know to be honest. We're just giving people energy. We're feeling powered and we want our fans to feel the same. 'Fucking Determined' means that you feel strong about yourself and trust in yourself. We feel that way and we want our fans to feel the same.

band imageYou've stated that 'Lost And Found' is the most emotional Mudvayne-album ever. In which sense is it an emotional record? Lyrically?

During the past years we've all gone through some significant changes, due to some things that happened in our personal lives. But those are things that will remain unseen for the public. Some things happened and we had to deal with that. We've used those emotions on this record. So, it's as well lyrically as musically an emotional release.

Is this record a new start for Mudvayne? For the fact you quit with the make-up and the prosthetics and you don't use the pseudonyms anymore.

I wouldn't describe this as a new start. It's a development. Through the years we've learned a lot about each other. And learning from each other is learning about the band Mudvayne. So, the fact we stopped using all that make-up, prosthetics and nicknames is just a part of the change we've gone through. Every album will have its own space. We like to improve ourselves and we don't want to recreate any of our older albums. We like to explore.

In another interview you once said 'now, thís is a Mudvayne record'. Does that mean you've never been completely satisfied with the other albums?

No, because every time we release a record we feel like that. We are always happy about what we've been able to put together and we always feel great about it. Of course we're extremely happy with this new record, because we really think it's a good product. As I already said we like to explore ourselves, so every record is something completely different to us. We like to create an unique sound. If it's necessary we will pull in completely different producers for the records. We will do whatever it takes to reinvent ourselves.

You're now touring through Europe. But you will not be playing in the Netherlands. Why won't you be playing here?

Well, we couldn't get a Dutch gig in our touring schedule. It's as simple as that. But we will certainly come back here in June. We will play a gig in Tilburg (013, J.), so the fans will only have to wait for a few months to see us again. And, you know, it was my idea to take a short break during this tour to go to the Netherlands to do some interviews. I love to go to Amsterdam and check out your country. So, don't worry, we do like the Netherlands!

Is there anything else you'd like to say to the readers of Lords of Metal?

Well, check out our show in June. Buy our record and have a good time! That's all!

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