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Divine Empire

A death metal album doesn't necessarily have to contain original music to be good. This improbable proposition is given validity by the fourth album of Divine Empire, 'Method Of Execution'. Every death metal subgenre seems to have had some influence on the material, because of this, the sound may not be that 'new', but it does have a lot of variation in it, which makes sure that you don't turn off that record. Singer/bassist Jason Blachowitz also sees this variation as the strong point of his band. He tells us all about past, present and future of Divine Empire.

By: Richard G. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Well then, with Divine Empire's fourth full-length effort, 'Method Of Execution', another quality death metal release is added to the already impressive amount of quality death metal that exists nowadays. Do you agree with the previous sentence?

Yes, we're very proud of this album, so far its our most versatile album to date, we wanted to display our musical capabilities & talents on this one, we spent 6 months in the studio perfecting this album & we're very satisfied with the end result. There's a blend of many styles to give every metal fan their Metal Fix!

I With two long time ex-Malevolent Creation members in the band, the connection between your current and your previous band (as I'm doing now) must be made very often, does this get tiring at times?

Nah, I'm used to it, I'm very proud of my history w/malevolent, 10 years-first 10 albums, it made me the Death Metal veteran that I am today, but it was time to move on so that I could expand my musical capabilities.

Well, I hear some Malevolent Creation influences, but you seem to have been influenced by various other death metal sounds as well. Is this diversity what makes Divine Empire stand out from other death metal acts?

Yes, it's only natural. I mean fuck, like I said ten years and I was the original bass player for Malevolent. Definitely, we wanted to expand our musical abilities, we wanted to mature and put out an interesting album which we very much succeeded at doing. We don't want to keep putting out the same album like Malevolent and lot of other bands seem to do unfortunately. So far we've successfully progressed with every album we put out, it's one of our goals to keep expanding as a band.

'Method Of Execution' seems to be the first album that is made with exactly the same line up as the previous DE album, did this make the writing and recording process easier?

Yes it does, the three of us have a connection and know what we want. We're all on the same page and click together very well, we're a "Well-oiled Death Metal machine". We don't want to have that never ending revolving door. We're committed to sticking together and continue doing what we do best!

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You unmistakably have a pretty big history in death metal by now, where do you still get the inspiration to write new material? Do you ever long to express yourself musically in another way?

I'm inspired by all the fucked shit that goes on in my life & in the world around me, the music is an outlet for my anger and hatred, it's in my blood! There's a lot of bullshit going on in the world around me so there's always something to write about.

And what about the lyrics, is it harder to think up good lyrics, nowadays? What do you write about mostly?

No problem at all, my lyrics are about true life experiences and the fucked up side of reality. Life isn't no "Bowl Of Cherries" so it's easy to write. I'm very inspired to write and do it all the time, when I see a fucked up situation that bothers me or some asshole pisses me off I'll write a song about it, it's my way to retaliate. I get my revenge every night we perform it live! "Cuidate Del Traidor" motherfucker!

I saw the artwork for 'Method Of Execution', and it really fits the title well. But it kind of reminds me of that 'shocking' Vietnam-war picture of the Vietnamese guy that gets shot through the head. Do you expect any problems with the artwork? (German regulations, for example, can be such a bitch…)

That's funny because we wanted to use that picture, but we couldn't use it because of copyright problems, so the label came up with the cover, I dig it because to me it represents the shit that's going on with our country at war this present day and time.

What about your label, Century Media. They have a lot of 'big' bands under their wings, I can imagine that it is hard for them to divide their attention and means under all their bands equally. Have you experienced any problems with this?

We're very fortunate I guess, because they're really impressed and dig the new album and have been giving us a LOT of priority. I guess they want everything to come out right and plan on pushing this album very hard, they say it's our best effort to date. It'll be out just in time for us to tour with TESTAMENT (original line-up reunion) in Europe this May, which we're very excited about! We're sharing ads with Napalm Death in Europe, and getting FULL PAGE ADS in the U.S.!

On your website, I saw in your bio section that you referred to the home country of Lords of Metal as 'The Godly Netherlands'. This is really pleasing to hear of course, but could you explain how our country came to deserve this predicate?

Well, we always have such a blast over there, I'm sure you know why! People over there are very considerate, let's just say that there are things you can do there that you could NEVER do in the U.S. We feel so FREE over there, they say America is a FREE country, well that's total bullshit, It's a big fat lie, the U.S. is all about $$$$$$$$

And what are the plans for the near future? Going to tour your asses off? Will we be seeing you in Europe too?

Absolutely, we plan on supporting the new album to the fullest extent! We landed a tour with TESTAMENT in Europe this May!

Fuck the Commerce Festival: 4. May 05 (D) Luckau – MZA
Supporting TESTAMENT:
8. May 05 (UK) London – Koko
9. May 05 (F) Paris – La Locomotive
10. May 05 (LUX) Esch s.A. – Kulturfabrik
11. May 05 (I) Milan – Rolling Stone
12. May 05 (A) Innsbruck – Hafen
13. May 05 (D) Lichtenfels – Stadthalle
14. May 05 (D) Münster/Dieburg – Live Arena
15. May 05 (B) Gavere – Racing

Well then, that's about it, thanks a lot for your time, good luck for now and hope to see you very soon in this Godly country.

Hope so! See y'all on tour motherfuckers! "Prepare For Execution!"

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