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You'll know something is popular when labels give bands a style, which doesn't exactly fit on them, just as they did with Do Or Die who became more metal than hardcore with their new release. This band, which comes from Belgium, brings us their fourth CD called 'Tradition'. A CD full of moshparts and old Fear Factory hooks, but yet once again it's just one of the thousands of metalcore bands with more metal than hardcore. On behalf of LoM Mathijs got in touch with singer Chris, ans asked him about this and other matters.

By: Mathijs | Archive under metalcore

Do Or Die, metalcore from Belgium, anything else you'd like our readers to know about you?

There are six of us in the group: two singers, two guitarists, one drummer and one bassist. Three of those members are Sicilians or have Sicilian origins. I married a Sicilian girl that I've been dating for eleven years. The band exists since 1999. We have had three different drummers, four bass players and three singers because of professional reasons every time, but we're still there and we're there to stay with this 3rd album 'Tradition'.

So, you recently released a new album called 'Tradition', how did the masses respond to it?

We have good and bad critics about this album but most of the people like it. Some hardcore fans say that we lost a bit of our hardcore colour but still like it, and the metalheads usually think this album is really good so I think we will gain some public because thanks to tradition we will have the opportunity to play in front of a hardcore public or a metal crowd.

What bands influenced you for this album?

The same bands that influenced 'Heart Full Of Pain' and 'Meaning Of Honour'. We just let a complete freedom this time to Luigi and Greg to play the riffs they wanted to play for a long time, they composed the songs in a complete independence without listening to extern advices. I think this was right, the result is very good. We also worked on the singing all together and the addition of Rudy, the new drummer who comes from the heavy metal scene has brought more complicated and rich drum parts. You can also hear that the bass-drums cooperation has been worked a lot.

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In my review I wrote that the album sounded more metal than hardcore. Do you agree, or is there something wrong with my ears?

You're completely right, the album sounds more metal on the musical side. As I said before, the main reason is our new drummer Rudy and Luigi and Greg who have worked on their guitar parts much more than on 'Meaning Of Honour'.

How is the Belgian metalcore scene anyways, when hardcore kids here think about Belgium, they mostly think of bands like Dead Stop or Justice, very few metalcore bands come to mind there.

I know Justice, but I'm not familiar with Dead Stop, sorry about that. I think it's too bad to stay locked in the same style, I like to be open to everything. I listen to old school, metalcore or punk and even death metal. I also simply like rock. The metalcore scene is doing well I think in Belgium with bands like RESISTANCE, the H8000 who are still there, In-Quest and so many others. You just have to show some interest to what's going on and not say: ''I'm hardcore so I just listen to hardcore and the rest is bullshit". I think this is a bit stupid.

So, on your website you said you were recording a video clip during the release show, any news on that one?

The guy who should have filmed the concert just dropped us the day before... no comment!

How about other shows, when can we expect you guys on a stage near us, and with whom?

Whenever man! We're open to any interesting proposal, we are happy when we can play. Without shows Do Or Die could not survive, for now nothing is planned yet but whoever is interested can contact M.A.D. BOOKING.

Top pop question, who would you really like to tour with, and why them?

We're pretty easy on this subject because we like shows a lot. We would love for sure to tour with bands like TERROR, CHIMAIRA, DIECAST and also HATESPHERE, MAROON and why not a third time with PRO PAIN, because these guys are soooo cool and parties with them are just insane!

Anything else planned besides from promoting your new album?

Take care of my family, my skateshop and probably write new songs for the next album – we already have so many ideas!

Well, thanks a lot for your time, any last words for our readers?

Thanks for all the support we got from the beginning and to those who think we've become too metal, you should come and have fun at shows with us because live we are still the same and we raise hell more than ever. See you soon in the pit! Take care.

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