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Eostenem's 'I Scream You Suffer They Die' was for me last month's big black metal surprise. A French one man band, with Dirk Verbueren (Scarve) on drums that gives us high quality music, that must be something special! Reason enough for the Lords to get to know Christopher Georges, the man behind this project, a bit better.

By: Richard G. | Archive under black metal

First of all, congratulations on your record 'I Scream You Suffer They Die'! Personally I liked it a lot, especially the variety in the material. How have the reactions to your album been so far?

Thanks ! Well, a lot of good reviews and some bad but the thing is that people love it or hate it for the same reasons : mixing of styles. I think that I'm surely in the right direction, that there's something to concentrate on. I'm actually working on new material and I keep on mixing !

The music of Eostenem can be characterized as very diverse, with influences from black metal, as well as death metal, but also electronic music. Do these influences also reflect your own taste in music?

If I had to put in Eostenem all the different styles of music I listen to, it would surely be a mess ! But I hope that, unconsciously, these influences can be heard in the final result. When I started Eostenem, it sounded more Black metal, but I wanted to be apart from the ordinary B.m scene so I integrated Death and Electronics elements. Eostenem is to be considered as an homage to what I adore in Metal, so it was clear that I had to mix it all in one project. I listen to metal, of course, but also rock, electro, classical and movies soundtracks.

On your album, the drums are being played by Dirk Verbueren from Scarve, how did you manage to get him for the drumming?

It's Franck from O3 (french zine) that got me in touch with him : I've sent the tracks for the album and he adored them. He worked the songs on his own and he put his drumparts on the recording : quite simple ! I have to thank him a lot for appearing on the album, bringing his talent to the universe of Eostenem. I also can say that he's more than okay for the next album.

You played all the other instruments yourself. In creating the music, on which instrument do you start writing the material?

I usually start writing on guitar, it's my main instrument. But it can also begin with the idea of a drum beat, a melody on keyboard or a sample of music as in “To die…”. I try to explore differents things to renew the way I compose my music. I'm also influenced by a book, a film or a painting and everything I listen to.

Why is the record called 'I Scream You Suffer They Die'?

I've tried to condense the album's different atmospheres in one title : pretty hard ! For me, it sounds like a dark nursery rhyme or a perverse child's play and I think it fits well to the visual.

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On the album, you sing in English, French and Italian (I believe). Why do you sing in these three languages? Is there a connection between the lyrics and the language in which they are written?

The main reason is as I mix differents styles, I wanted to mix differents languages : it brings other tones to the song. I change my voice a lot and the different languages help to add diversity. There's no rule for it, it's all about feeling : there aren't percents of english or french lyrics per song. I also wanted to be understood by french and foreign listeners although the lyrics are pretty dark and personal.

I read your lyrics, they seem to be pretty indirect. What are the main topics of your lyrics? Is there some kind of message you try to convey to your listeners?

I'm not a preacher, the only message I have to give is make your own opinion ! Since my second demo "Alphabetical reasons to die...", it's an old friend of mine, Slz@prt (leader of NEON RAIN, dark indus project), who wrotes the lyrics : they're about dark atmospheres as in Lovecrafts' works or Kubricks' films, among others. I want to keep a part of secret so that's the main reason why the lyrics are pretty indirect. Maybe the use of english and french adds more mystery. The frontier between comprehension and mystery is thin but I prefer non definite things.

Is there a special reason for not posting the lyrics to 'Ego Wail Slave' and 'To Die…' on your website?

No, I've only still not put them on the site as I'm actually redoing it.

Eostenem obviously is a group consisting of only one person. Is there any chance that you will try to assemble some sort of line up in the future which will enable you to play your music live?

Maybe in the future but not now. Maybe for the fourth album, if there'll be one...

France is not known for its great releases in extreme music. But there are of course exceptions, such as yourself. What is the metal scene like in France? Are there any bands that the world probably has not heard of yet, but that we should go and check out?

Haha, I'm proud to be an exception ! Seriously, there are great bands in France like Scarve, Gojira, Blut aus Nord, Zubrowska, Gastrick Burst, etc... . The metal scene is very active but most of french bands cannot expatriate outside of France, whereas we receive everything from foreign countries, better to worst.

That's about it, I think, thanks a lot for your time and hope to hear again from you in the future!

Many thanks to you and LoM for support and time !

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