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Last September, Hitten released a strong third album with ‘Twist Of Fate’ on which good old-fashioned heavy metal goes hand in hand with a more commercial approach. With new singer Alexx Panza the heavy metal of Hitten is even better than on the previous albums. We tracked guitarist and founding member Dani Meseguer in Spain and he is pleased to talk about the new album.

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Hey guys, I just heard your great new album 'Twist Of Fate'. Since it is your first appearance on Lords of Metal would you be so kind to introduce the band and tell us where and when it all started?
Hello Henk, thank so much for the chance to appear here. Hitten started back in 2011 being founded by me (Dani Meseguer) in Murcia (Spain).

Can you tell what the main influences are for Hitten? What ancient albums have been defining for Hitten's development into what it is today?
We listen to tons of stuff and of course each member has their own influences, but of course there some bands that we all appreciate. Some of these bands would be CCR, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Def Leppard or Riot among others. So, when we meet at the rehearsal place we put in common all the ideas since we have a clear idea how the band must sound.

With the last album 'State Of Shock' you even toured in Japan. How was the reception over there?
Japan was amazing. We love the way they feel the music and how they show their support. What a great crowd. We will be back next year to tour again, and we are really looking forward!

You have a new singer on this album. How was it to find a replacer that was even better than Aitor?
We were working on the album when we watched a video of Alexx singing. Instantly I wrote a message proposing him to join the band. Of course, we knew each other from other times in shows as audience sharing some beers and stuff. After a small chat he accepted. And this is how one of the more talented guys I've ever seen is now part of the band. Really, I could not be happier.

When did you start working on the new album and how long did it take to record? Where all the song already written, or did you just go into the recording process with only a couple of ideas?
We started to work on the new songs after the summer of 2017. In fact, Aitor was still in the band. All the songs were already written before going into the studio. Even some arrangements were written too already. Other arrangements were composed in the studio. We were recording the album from November to February (it’s difficult to know exact dates haha). Of course, we did some home recordings before hitting the studio too.

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What would you say is the biggest improvement compared to your previous album ‘State of Shock’?
We all have developed as musicians since we recorded our previous album. This new album is full of great guitar riffs in my opinion. Johnny and I make a great combo playing live and composing. We take care of every detail in the sound and production. But the jewel in the crown is Alexx and his voice.

You chose to release the rather commercial ‘On The Run’ as first video. In my humble opinion not, the best advertisement for the rest of the album that is more metal than ‘On The Run’. How did you make that choice?
Well, just because we think completely the opposite! ‘On the Run’ is hard n’ heavy just like the rest of the album.

What are your own personal parameters to define if 'Twist Of Fate' becomes a success? Sales? Tours and gigs? Great reviews? Is such measurable in your opinion?
Sales always speaks for itself. But for the band the main parameters are tours and gigs and also reviews/interviews of course. We are receiving pretty good reviews and a good number of interviews. Speaking about tours and gigs, for the moment we are already offered some shows presenting the album. In December we have the official release party in our hometown with Ambush (Swe), Stonewall (Ita), Ciclon (Spa) and Snake (Spa). We are working on a European tour for next year and also, we will tour Japan again. So, it seems 2019 is going to be great!

With the third album this is the one to make it or break. Or can you already make a living out of music? If not, what do you guys do in everyday life to earn a living?
We wish we could live from music but nowadays it’s pretty difficult, but we won’t stop the fight. For now, every member has to work in different jobs next to the band.

What will the rest of the year bring for Hitten? Can we expect a European tour maybe?
Yes, as I said you can expect a European tour for the next year (March, probably). We are also composing the next album too and probably we hit the studio next summer.

One other question. I like to ask to “new” bands what their opinion is about the state of metal in general and the lack of metal on mainstream media? Or is it different in Spain? Here in the Netherlands you will never hear metal on mainstream radio or television, so how is the scene over there?
In Spain it is the same. We have that classic radio program that play the "all time classics" and that's all. I think they should open a program in which they put some new bands to give to the people who listen to these radio programs another perspective. State of metal is deteriorating nowadays and of course the fans are not to blame, it's all about the market. There is no money involved in metal. At the end we all are fighters trying to keep what we love and hoping some day we can dedicate our whole life to music. If you start a band right now you are bound to be in the underground. If you want to go mainstream, you are really fucked because as I said there is no money in metal.

That wraps it up for me. Is there anything I forgot to ask or that you would like to say to our readers? Here is your chance!
Thank you all for your time. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did answering the questions.

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