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Scumbag Millionaire

Already building a name with lots of impressive live gigs and a couple of self released 7”singles, the band caught the attention of Suburban Records, which eventually earlier this month lead to the new album ’Speed’. Personally I could also appreciate the music made by this band also, and I had a couple of questions for the guys. Singer/guitarist Max took the time to provide us with some answers.

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The band name Scumbag Millionaire makes quite curious. Is there a story behind the band name?
Besides being a spin-off of the movie title Slumdog Millionaire the word scumbag is great.

You are named “the lost sons of The Hellacopters” in some places. Is this something you guys came up with, or is this comparison made by a listener, and what do you think of that yourself?
First time heard or saw it was in the British e- zine Über Rock I think. It’s of course flattering to be compared to such a great band.

Which bands do you consider to be your sources of inspiration and which currently active bands in your line of work do you think are future classics?
Everything from Motörhead and The Bronx to local bands in Gothenburg. Honeymoon Disease might be a future classic but music’s hard to predict.

How did you guys actually get together and what happened on the road to today?
Me and Dennis had the idea to form a band, later joined by Adde and finally Max. I guess we were fed up with the 70’s retro rock everyone was playing in our hometown. We wanted it to get dirty and sweaty again, like rock ought to be.

Looking at the art work of the album, one can kind of predict the music that can be expected; great job by the way. How did you guys hook up with Mangobeard?
Mangobeard is an old friend of Max L. He did a great job.

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That art work of the previous 7” singles and the singles themselves seems to be some kind of trade mark of the Scandinavian high energy rawk ‘n’ roll scene also. Is this in your case a personal preference for vinyl (and 7”) or is it also because it’s interesting from a marketing point of view in this scene?
We just do the artwork the way we like it and others seem to like it too, but then again we are fans of the same scene. We haven’t really thought about the marketing part when it comes to the 7”s, we just do them because we’re enthusiasts ourselves, I mean we don’t even get help to back up the expenses. The money comes straight out of our own pockets.

How was working with Micke Nilsson as producer and having your album released by Suburban Records?
Working with Micke is great, he gets what we’re after. He’s also a real professional and has become a dear friend. Having the album released by Suburban Records feels great. We had contact with them for a long time, even before there was any plans of doing a record. They’ve always liked our music and takes the business seriously. Great Collaboration.

In some video footage I saw mostly a Rickenbacker bass and several different guitars; what’s the gear used for the recordings and is that the same you currently use on stage?
The gear you see in videos and live is the same gear we use when we’re in the studio.

You guys seem to be a real live band, when watching the videos; you enjoy the stage and spread loads of energy. Which tracks of the new album are your favorite ones to play live and why?
I definitely agree, on stage is where we feel the most at home. We haven’t played all songs from the album live yet but of the ones we have played I like ’Got No Brain’ because of its intensity and ’Fast Action’ because it’s fun to play and the audience always seem to dig it. Out of the ones we haven’t I’d say ’Go! Go! Go!’ and ’Give Me A Break’.

As a final question: You’ve played some Dutch stages in the past, even on pretty big festivals like Zwarte Cross. How did you experience the Dutch audience and when will we be able to see you again?
The Dutch audience is awesome, that’s why we keep on coming back! Our last show in The Netherlands was October 18 in Haarlem at the Patronaat Haarlem, and there’s more where that came from since we recently signed with the Dutch booking agency SOZ Concerts.

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