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Sleeping Romance

Mid-September Sleeping Romance will embark on their first headliner tour of Europe. Belgium and the Netherlands will host four shows in total where in Belgium the band will perform in the West (Roeselare) and East (Maasmechelen). In the Netherlands the band will perform again in the middle region in Gouda and Hengelo. The latter show will give the fans the opportunity to see the band after the cancelled show in Nijverdal earlier this year. But most importantly this tour as a whole, will give fans of the genre (Female Fronted Gothic Metal) the opportunity to check out something new, or to quote the band from the song ‘My Temptation’: “Now, I’ll take a chance”.

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Earlier this year you did an extensive tour as part of the Serenity & Vision Of Atlantis package. What has that tour brought you as a band?
Federica: We reached a bigger audience and we hit beautiful stages. It was really gratifying for us to see halls always full of people ready to support. It was our longest tour ever and we came back with no more merch, this is pretty indicative! We experienced for the first time travelling by a tour bus and we visited new countries like England. Playing at 'Underworld' was amazing; we were a bit intimidated cause it's a legendary place for music and it was such fun!

Unfortunately, you had to cancel the show in Nijverdal. What extra precautions will you take to prevent it from happening this tour?
Federica: There are no extra precautions unfortunately. We have been almost all ill during the tour. Living on a tour bus it's not easy especially when someone gets ill, because there is a high possibility of contamination. The day before we cancelled the show I sang with really high fever and at the end of the gig my voice was completely gone. You can take vitamins in order to prevent illness but once you have it you can only try to rest, take your medicine and think positive. Luckily, we cancelled one show only and the audience was really supportive, also when we were visibly ill.

The upcoming headline tour will be you one of your biggest efforts as a band. What triggered you to plan this tour?
Federico: After several tours as supporter to other bands, and after a long talking with Desert Rose Agency, we decided to do this tour as main act to improve ourselves on stage and to give something more to all our friends and fans. We are super excited about this one, so we need all your energy with us.

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Eight shows in eight days with Within Silence and Askara. What is your relation to those bands and how did they get the slots on the bill?
Federico: Actually we never played together with them, but Within Silence is a band that have released an album with Ulterium Record, so this mean they are a great band. Desert Rose Agency have organized this tour, so they have prepared everything for us and the other bands.

Some of the shows in Germany are in venues I hadn't heard of like the 'Dorfgemeinschaftshaus' in Niederaula or the 'Kreatief' in Neckarsulm. How did you find those places?
Mattia: Those live shows have been booked by Desert Rose Agency, which we've been working with for many years since the 'Enlighten' release.

The tour will focus on The Netherlands, Belgium and the southern part of Germany. Of course you have to make choices when there are only eight dates, but did you consider other territories/countries to visit?
Federico: Our goal is to reach much more countries and cities as possible, to meet new people and bring our music in new places. Right now we have the opportunity to play in these parts of Europe, but of course, we hope to get more live shows and new part of the world for next tours.

As the headliner you more or less decide the rules when it come to soundchecks, dressing rooms etc.. What are specifics for you on the rider food and drink wise? What are things that are an absolute must when it comes to preparation for the show?
Mattia: We do not request nothing in particular regarding food and drinks but we just make sure there's nothing we are allergic to in the food and to have a large amount of water available.

Last year you played an intimate show with an audience of only ten people in the studio 'In The Room'. Is there any chance that those recording will be published?
Federico: That show was really nice and me and Federica were really happy to play there. I am not sure we will focus our efforts on an EP recorded there, but who knows?

Lords Of Metal is the media partner for this tour. Is there anything you want to shout out to our readers?
Federico: First of all we are really happy to have the opportunity to work with you for this tour. This means really a lot for us. To all our fans we want to say: come to our shows and have fun all together! Can't wait to see you under the stage!!!

Dates in The Netherlands plus Belgium:
18-09: Jan Hertog Live Club - Maasmechelen (BE)
19-09: StudioGonz - Gouda (NL)
20-09: Metropool - Hengelo (NL)
21-09: De Verlichte Geest - Roeselare (BE)

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