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Klaus Schubert recently released his second album ‘Commander Of Chaos’ as part of the Schubert In Rock project. This Austrian guitarist, whom you might know from his old band No Bros, managed to get some well-known names to contribute to this album. Schubert lets us in on how he got in touch with some of the musicians and with whom he already has a longstanding friendship, like Krokus vocalist Marc Storace and the famous keyboard wizard Don Airey.

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Could you tell us something about your career so far? You are most known as a member of No Bros (a band I remember from the 80s), but are they still active?
Of course, No Bros is still active. The latest album 'Metal Marines' was released in 2015
and I think there will be something up in 2019. My career however is quite long, so to learn more about my past I recommend your readers to read this page right here.

You hail from Austria. Is there a good climate for Rock and/or Metal in there?
It's a pity, but I don't think so. I don't want to say it’s all about location, but in fact it’s very difficult if there is no real support from any Radio or TV-Station for that kind of music in your homeland. But I never wanted to leave Austria, because I love it here.

Recently your album ‘Commander Of Pain’ was released. When did you come up with the concept for Schubert In Rock? What was your motivation to start this band/project?
I always had the idea in the back of my mind to re-record 'No Bros' songs with international stars. So one of my best friends - Jörg Philipp from the band Beat The Street - and I started to cast our favorite musicians in 2012. The successful result was the first 'Schubert in Rock' album, which has been released in 2013, and of course the live show at the Dogana in Innsbruck, Austria. On 'Commander of Pain' you can enjoy brand new songs. Each title is tailored to the artist. And I have to say, I'm still impressed what every single one delivered.

You have quite a list of famous rock artists who participated on the records. Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey), Marc Storace (Krokus), Doogie White (Rainbow, Schenker), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Dan McCafferty (Nazareth) and keyboard legend Don Airey. Could you tell us a bit more about how you got in touch with them?
I´ve been on tour with most of these musicians on a number of occasions and with some of them I have a real friendship. The best friend of all is Marc Storace, he is my real rock-brother!

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Did you succeed in getting all the artists you had on your wish list for ‘Commander Of Pain’? Were there any artists you could not convince to participate or that were not available?
Everyone had time to work on my album, only one was prevented: Rob Halford was working with Judas Priest.

How long did it take you to record the album? Was it a project with long distance collaboration or were all the artists in the studio with you?
We worked for more than a year, some recorded their parts in their homeland, half of them (Jennifer Batten, Marc Storace, Don Airey, Doogie White etc.) came to Innsbruck.

Did you write the songs especially for a specific vocalist? Or did you match the singer with the songs you already had written?
As I mentioned before, really every song is tailored to the artist. I knew exactly whom I wanted for this project or a specific song or songs, and fortunately nearly every one of them were on board.

Were all the songs solely written by you, or did you ask or got outside help on them?
Most of the songs come from my pen, but also our drummer Bernie Welz and our bassplayer Andy Marberger contributed important work and parts. Most of the lyrics were written by the artists themselves. For detailed information, just take a look at the cover.

Do you intend to bring the album on the road through touring? For your last album you did one big show in Innsbruck, is that an option again?
For 2018 all our energy is focused on promotion all over the world for the new album and in 2019 there will be live-gigs with Schubert In Rock and my main band No Bros wherever they want us! (If you have an idea for the Netherlands, let me know!!)

Is ‘Schubert In Rock’ your only and most important commitment, or are you involved in other musical projects or bands?
At the moment Schubert In Rock is my main priority but also my own band No Bros is very important to me. Next year, we will celebrate the No Bros 45th anniversary (including a tour!).

Is there still one name (or more) in the classic Rock scene you are dying to work with? And why?
Yeah! Ted Nugent and Ritchie Blackmore, for they are my two musical fathers!

Is there something you want to add that has not been covered by the above questions?
The artwork for ‘Commander Of Pain’ is really detailed if you look more precisely. A really good job of one of my sons, by the way. One more reason why I’m a vinyl fan… Bigger artwork!

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