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In our review for the previous album ’Dawn Of The End’, we mentioned: let us hope that this title is not symbolic for the future of the band. And indeed, a hiatus and silence of ten years followed for the Swedish doom/death metal band Runemagick. But this silence has come to an end, now that the release of ’Evoked From Abysmal Sleep’ has happened; again a symbolic title. We contacted the band to get to know more about ‘how and why’ and singer/guitarist Nicklas Rudolfsson was so kind to answer our questions.

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Welcome back and congratulations with ‘Evoked From Abysmal Sleep’! Can you first tell us a bit more about the reasons for this silence of ten years after being so productive until 2007?
Thank you very much! Well some reasons will probably be lack of inspiration, motivation and busy with other bands/projects and other private life stuff as well. We have never quit, we have seen it like a long break. Around 2005-2007, it was more like a project. We just met to record. No live gigs or rehearsals. I have been relatively productive with other bands and projects during the rest of Runemagick.

What was the spark that enlightened you to get active again late 2017?
We started talking that it may be time to do something. Do not remember if it was the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. I wrote some new songs and recorded demos. First we thought of a single that became an EP and finally an album. A contributing factor is the fact that we received requests for gigs. I mainly thank Daniel at Kill-Town Deathfest/booking who (again) asked if we wanted to play at KTDF. We felt that if we were to play live we can also record new music. Then the train rolled so to speak.

It is remarkable that the line-up has remained the same since 2002. What is your secret?
Good friends and personal chemistry. Me and Emma have family together, so we know each other well, you can say haha.

Well, how do you look back at the writing process of ‘Evoked From Abysmal Sleep’?
I have written all the music and lyrics. Most were written in 2017 and in early 2018. Some single riffs are older than that. We did not rehearse anything before recording, so it was mostly me who did everything writing/composing with some inputs from Daniel and Emma on arrangements etc.

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Is there a common theme in the lyrics?
Darkness, Death, Doom! I cannot say any direct overall theme. The lyrics, just like the music, are quite straight forward though there are elements of deeper elements and metaphorism.

After ten years hiatus you might have experienced differences in the way of recording. So how did you record everything?
Not at all. It was easy for me/us to get into the right mood and capture the Runemagick inspiration and style I think. We may not catch up exactly where ‘Dawn Of The End’ ended. The new album is more straightforward and maybe a bit more like some of the older albums. Daniel recorded the drums in a rehearsal room in Stockholm. The rest was recorded at me and Emma’s house as well as in a rehearsal room nearby we have access to. Then we sent everything to Johan Bäckman who mixed and mastering the entire album. He did a good job considering how simple and low budget everything is recorded. Big thanks to him!

I have the impression that your music has become even more doom-laden. What do you think of your musical evolution on the new record?
I think that "Dawn Of The End’ is more obscure and doom maybe than our new album. But it’s hard for me to say. But, of course, it's gotten heavier, slower and more “doom” inspired over the years, if you compare to the earlier records and some of the last.

Now guitarist Jonas Blom has turned into permanent member. Maybe due to the plans for playing gigs?
He was actually a member of the band as drummer in a short period of the nineties. But now he is back, this time on the guitar. He lives in the city nearby and has the right feel for our music. First, the idea was that he would only be session guitarist on some gigs, but it felt very good at our first rehearsal last weekend, so we asked him to join as a permanent member.

And overall... what are the plans for the near future?
We have planned to do some single gigs during this and next year. We cannot play live so often for various reasons. But we try to check out the requests we receive. Then we'll see what happens with the new music. There are several new songs written since the album was recorded. We'll see if we want to and if our fans want to hear new music. And if there are interested labels to cooperate with. No hurry though.

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