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With ‘Luminous Eyes’ Haunt already presented a very promising EP which was only confirmed again by the full-length debut album ‘Burst Into Flame’. Time to contact Trevor William Church, founder, singer and guitarist of this old-school hardrock band.

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Hey there, the 10th of August will see the release of your new album ‘Burst Into Flame’. I had the honor to already hear the album and I really liked what I hear. This is also the first release where Haunt is presented as a band. So would you please introduce everyone in the band?
Currently the line-up is John Tucker on lead/rhythm guitar and backup Vocals, Daniel Wilson on drums, Taylor Hollman on bass and of course me.

The previous release was ‘Luminous Eyes’. Was that a one man project or did you have guest musicians on that four track EP?
Daniel Wilson played drums on it. I still write all of the music unless noted.

When did you decide that Haunt should grow into a real band?
I wanted to start playing live so I needed a band to play the songs. John is also in Beastmaker and Daniel was Beastmakers merch guy. I’ve had three bassists but Taylor is the guy now.

How are the reactions so far on the new album?
So far people have been very receptive. It’s not out yet so I guess time will tell but we have a busy year playing festivals and touring the USA.

band imageNext to the release on CD and digital formats the album will also be available on cassette and vinyl. What do you think about the revival of those media?
I think any format of music is great. Anyway which way people want to listen pleases me. Personally my iPhone is my main media format because of travelling. At home I’ll put on vinyl when I have company.

The album sounds very natural and almost as it was recorded in one take. How did you approach the recording of the album? I presume you did not use that much tracks for it?
It’s a fairly simple approach. Two guitars, one bass, drums and vocals. After writing the music it all comes together pretty simple. I don’t like to overthink my songs. I try to write music everyday so I treat them with the emotion that came natural.

Growing up as the son of a professional artist (former Montrose bassist Bill Church) how did your youth look like? Was it also your dad that brought you into the world of rock and metal?
My youth was spent Skateboarding and playing instruments. Both my mom and dad introduced me to rock. My cousin Michael who has passed away and has a dedication on the album showed me metal. He was the first to show me bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, etc…

You already started the tour in the US. Can we also expect Haunt coming over to Europe?
I hope so. I have a lot of responsibility here at home. So, timing and how it’s put together is extremely important if I’m to travel to Europe.

Is Haunt now the first priority and/or will there be another Beastmaker album in the future?
I just released eight Beastmaker EP’s. There also will be two full length records in 2019.

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