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The album Hades Rising’ by the Swedish outfit Defiatory has already been out for a few months, but it still continues to impress the shit out of me. It is not for nothing that I dared to speak of one of the better thrash metal albums of 2018. Singer Martin Runnzell fortunately still found somewhere to answer our questions.

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With ‘Hades Rising’, slated for release May 11th, I encountered one of the strongest thrash albums in 2018. What is the most important change compared with your previous effort ‘Extinct’?
’Extinct’ was the debut album, composed musically by Ronnie (guitars) alone. It was the first step towards what would become the Defiatory sound and wasn’t yet refined. Hades Rising was more of a band effort where everyone contributed riffs and arrangements which made the music more varied yet true to the original concept of the band.

The five band members have already a huge history in former bands, but that was mostly death metal. So how come they all changed it to thrash metal with Defiatory?
It all began with Ronnie, who decided he wanted to kick up a solid thrash band. So he looked to musicians he knew to be up to the task and found the rest of us. I think it was more chance than anything else that we mostly hail from a death metal background. Personally I’ve been working with Ronnie in various projects and bands in the past and when he called I knew I had to be part of it.

The album is a mix from the raw thrash metal with a very melodic twist. Is the sound that you hear on ‘Hades Rising' the sound that you always wanted to achieve with the band?
’Hades Rising’ is the sound that we want the band to have right now. We haven’t set a fixed style of thrash to play in the future, we rather want the music to evolve naturally. For the next album we might go even more melodic, maybe we’ll cut it back to a rawer thrash form. It all depends on what comes out of jam sessions and in what mood we find our stride to go forward.

This is already your second album, and a good one if I may say so, but it seems that Defiatory is still quite unknown in our part of Europe. How hard is it for a relatively new band these days to get noticed by the audience?
It kind of goes both ways. It is a lot easier to publish music today than it has ever been, but that also comes with the market being flooded by bands in all genres. It’s hard to break through the noise and get noticed, but as long as the product is strong the audience will find you eventually. When we released Extinct, Black Lion was a very small upstarter label and didn’t really have the resources to bash out that massive promotion drive so the grind was slow. For Hades Rising they have grown quite a bit and established a lot of connections worldwide so hopefully this album will carry us a lot further. We are very happy to have our albums out on Black Lion and to be there with them as they grow and to grow with them.

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If your label (or promo company has done its best to get your name and new album out there to the media, the results should be coming in right about now. So, how are the reactions so far? Excellent? Moderate? Disappointing perhaps?
We are pretty overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received so far from the media and the public. We knew that we had a strong album as it was released so we were expecting ratings to be in the higher end of the spectrum but we certainly weren’t prepared for exactly how good the reviews would be. It’s a great push for our creativity to know that people like what we do and we already have some awesome things written for our next release.

If you had to promote your album yourself to a bunch of people who are very fond of thrash metal but don’t have a clue about who you are, and with so many bands in this style competing for attention that is quite possible, what would you say to them to convince ‘m to give ‘Hades Rising’ a fair chance?
It’s hard man. Like you say, there are so many bands trying to make it through the static so it’s not an easy task to clear through it. ’Hades Rising’ is an album that really can do that though, seeing the quality all the way from the base songwriting, the performance and the production. It’s a modern take of the old school East Bay Area Thrash with a lot of melodic twists and death metal influences. It is there in the thrash pit but still unique in its sound.

So how will this adventure go on? Are there some tours or festivals in sight?
We have signed up with Dreamtide Music & Management Agency for the European market so hopefully we can get out on the road in the not too distant future. Music is made to be played live and it is on stage Defiatory shines the brightest so we definitely want to bring our music to as many places as possible.

Thanks you for your time. Are there any last words that you want to share with our readers?
Check out our new album. You will not be disappointed. Get it though Black Lion in either physical or digital form or just log on to your premium streaming of choice and crank that volume to 11. See you on the road.

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