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The Heretic Order

The Heretic Order has released an old-fashioned heavy metal album with 'Evil Rising', full of recognizable songs that seem to have come out of the eighties of the last century. Since we like that kind of stuff here at Lords Of Metal, the album scored well and we sought contact with Lord Ragnar, singer and guitarist of this occult ensemble. Or is this all just an image? The cheerful Lord is happy to give the answers.

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Hey guys, congratulations on your new album. It is a killer one. Although your first album was already released in 2015 I sadly missed that one. After hearing ‘Evil Rising’ I will definitely check that one out also. Can you tell me how the reactions are so far on the album?
Thanks, and a pleasure talking to Lords of metal wow! Well the album is out on the 22nd of June, so its early days still but I can surely say that everyone that has had the privilege to hear ‘Evil Rising‘ has given us positive feedback so let’s see. You can never please everyone or make music to please others, but I like it!! Which is what matters to me and I’m proud of the album. It is what I would like to hear from a metal band nowadays. I promise if you are into heavy metal you will like it.

As heavy metal and rock’n’roll is one big circus how serious is your image? King Diamond was known for his fascination for the occult. You are all working under artist names (I presume.) So where starts the circus and ends the fascination? Or am I totally wrong and are you dead serious?
Haha super, super serious. For me my character lord Ragnar is an escapism for my everyday life. It is pure rock ‘n’ roll like you say King Diamond style or even Gene Simmons demon character or Alice Cooper. Why not have fun and enjoy a whole imaginary world and a new persona. Our lyrics and songs have obviously some serious subjects but with a pinch of salt. In a sense I love to tell stories and no better than to tell horror stories, the occult, the human dark past and history is a subject I love and is my passion. So as a storyteller I model myself on the ancient Roman theater or the Shakespeare way, or did you think black metallers invented the corpse paint image? I dress up and try to captivate the audience whilst telling them a story whilst shredding on my guitar. Besides that, I am quite ugly, so I need to hide my face with makeup. Isn’t life just a big massive joke which lasts a blink of an eye? So, I tell myself make the most of life, enjoy what you do with no limitations and never take yourself too seriously.

So the obvious question is now of course if you can tell our readers what your real names are and how and when the band started.
The band was created after a séance. The sprits of the night told me to do it back in 2014 and our past names are of no consequence and unimportant. The message what counts is all hail the order!
Sorry, I was in a trance. After the séance I was reborn into a new world. Just check my FB page. No one can hide nowadays thanks to the damn social media. The love of heavy metal created The Heretic Order and it is what keeps the band alive.

This is your second album for Massacre and you signed a deal fort wo more albums after this one. How do you describe the relationship you have with Massacre?
Good, we have total control of what we do musically and visually we are more like partners. So, in an age of record companies having less importance in the music business I would say Massacre fly’s the flag for metal and has a very high standard. Obviously, we would love to have them invest huge sums of money in massive tours supporting Metallica. Maiden and the likes and conqueror the world but that doesn’t happen anymore. So, yes, we have a good relation.

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The album was recorded in Spain. Not the first country one thinks of when recording an occult heavy metal record. How did you wind up there?
Well not all was recorded in Spain, vocals and guitars where recorded in London, Will Maya who recorded and mixed the album has a studio in the sierra opposite Madrid in a town called Morralzalzar. It is an amazing place far from many distractions. So, we tracked drums and mixed and mastered there. I did the rest in my studio in London plus I was producing it, so it was the ideal scenario to use both places, mind you I love that place.

On the album several subjects are touched. Can you tell us a bit more about the songwriting process both lyrically and musically?
Like the first album I composed all the lyrics and music, I have a clear idea of what is needed for THO. Before the first album I had the idea of wanting to put a metal album, so I had all the songs composed, demoed and ready before we had a band. So, if it works why change it? Everyone in the band is comfortable in the way we work. For the second album I had composed a body of work, songs, lyrics etc. which the whole band loved so we started learning the tracks and obviously everyone put their own playing style into it. Our drummer Dr Pain had just joined the band just a month before we entered the studio and it was a breath of fresh air with his playing ability and technique. Everything went amazing at the beginning of the recording and fell into place in a very natural.

You are influenced by the obvious names as Black Sabbath, King Diamond and Judas Priest. What other bands have formed you as musicians and is there any other music outside of metal that was an influence?
Impossible to pin point one thing only. I love classical music its’ power is out of this world; I can lose myself in music, lots of different music styles have an influence on me. I would be lying if I said I only listen to metal. Getting back to metal Dio, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer were big influences when I was growing up, but I am always searching for musical kicks. It is my biggest passion that makes my soul alive.

Will the album only be released on cd or will there also be a vinyl version?
Let’s see how the album does first, I personally would love to have it on vinyl, I am quite classic in that sense. Metal fans out there please buy the cd so we have a case to convince our record company to make it on vinyl!!! I need one, I crave for it.

What will the rest of the year bring? Any touring plans for outside of the UK already?
We want to tour as much as possible, we are doing a UK tour as we speak and playing Bloodstock in August. Planning as much as we can do now, we would love to get to Europe asap. We did the support of I am Morbid in Holland and Germany last year and we loved it. We really want and need to get back in the road, but it’s not as easy as wanting, the reality is there is a series of things you need to cover. Logistics, finance it is difficult and it doesn’t depend on us. I would be touring there already if we could. If there are any promoters out there interested to get the Heretic order you wouldn’t be disappointed. Contact us we are ready to go, join the order and spread the word!

Well that wraps it up from my side. Is there anything that you would like to mention to all our evil readers out there? Here is your chance!
Hopefully we will see you soon on the road somewhere in Europe, in the meantime enjoy our album and check the video clip of ‘Evil Rising‘. Horns up. Stay heavy, stay evil!

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