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Dreadful Fate

Sweden’s Dreadful Fate made name of themselves with their aggressive old-school thrash metal in a relatively short amount of time. Now that the debut album ’Vengeance’ had been discharged we’d like to know if they’re shooting blanks or using heavy artillery. Our questions were answered by guitarist Death Ripper, who is known as Johan Jansson in daily life.

By: Pim B. | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Hi guys, first of all can you tell why you decided to form Dreadful Fate? Too much time on your hands or missing the glory days of Hypnosia and Merciless?
Hey Pim! No it was actually a coincident that the band got together. It was Total Destruction that wanted to start a band. So Corpse Skelethor and I directly wrote him we wanted to join and then Dreadful Fate was born! After searching for whom to join on vocals we finally found Bestial and the band was complete!

Having mentioned Merciless and Hypnosia you could say that Dreadful Fate's style is quite similar. Yet, also other bands like Kreator, whose song 'Tormentor' you covered on the demo 'The Sin of Sodom', Sadus, Sodom, Dark Angel, Whiplash seem to be of importance to your music. What makes you guys tick when it comes to influences?
Yeah, of course! We all have the same direction in what kind of style we want to play. Old school Thrash Metal in the vein of old Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Sadus, Slayer, Venom etc... Simple, raw, aggressive, fast and filthy like it should be!!

The band name seems to be a reference to the song by Merciless, right?
Yes, that's true and it was of course Total Destruction that suggested the band name.

Why did you actually decide to use nicknames? Was it your intention to keep things around Dreadful Fate a bit mystical or is it just a fun thing to do it like this?
Well, both I think, but it only took a week after we published our Facebook site until everybody had figured out who we were haha...

You debuted last year with the aforementioned demo 'The Sin Of Sodom', which was released on cassette by Iron Fist Productions. I assume you had that label release the demo because they released the Merciless demos on vinyl as well as the Hypnosia EP 'Violent Intensity'?
Tomas Nyqvist at Iron Fist Productions is a close friend to Total Destruction and they live in the same city, so it was natural to ask him first and he wanted to release both the demo and the full-length album from the beginning.

When did Norway's Edged Circle Productions come in the picture to do a vinyl edition of the demo?
He contacted us and suggested that we should release the demo on vinyl on his label. I think it was right after we uploaded our first lyric video ‘Unholy Lust’ from the demo on YouTube. Not so often you release a 12" vinyl containing only three songs on one side, so that's cool!

Now you have your full-length out, which is a co-release between I Hate Records and To The Death Records. How did that come together?
The reason was that Tomas at Iron Fist Productions realised that he actually didn't have the time for his label so he told us to look after another label instead. We talked to both I Hate Records and To the Death Records and they both wanted to release the album so they made cooperation for the release of ‘Vengeance’ that now is out on cassette, cd and vinyl.

Any other labels that showed interest in Dreadful Fate?
Well, I think we got some lame offers from a few other labels that we ignored. We have all been in this music business since ages and have learned by our mistakes with labels and organizers that have fucked you up. So it's only fair and decent deals that we accept from now on!

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I was also wondering where you recorded 'Vengeance'? Did you go to CommuniChaos studio again?
Yes, that's right. We were satisfied with the first recording so it was natural to record there again. Mattias Kennhed (Meanwhile, Price of Silence, ex House of Usher, Macrodex etc.) is a great friend to us and he is very easy to work with. He has been in the scene as the rest of us so he knows exactly how it should sound. I was there earlier with my Punk bands Asocial and Parasit as well. So I guess we'll go there again for the next recording with Dreadful Fate.

Can you tell a bit more about the recordings? Did you track instruments separately or was it more or less a live recording? How long did you spend recording the album?
The recording went smooth and fast. We recorded bass and drums at the same time and then guitars, vocals and leads separately. No click track like the old days of course. The album was recorded in two weekends and then he mixed and mastered it afterwards.

Can you tell a bit more about the artwork too, which seems to be a reference to Sodom's early artwork on 'In The Sign Of Evil'?
The killer artwork is made by the great artist Anu Bring from Finland. She has done a lot of awesome album covers and is a friend to Bestial. Yeah, that's true but also references to Germany’s Warrant and Hallows Eve from the US who also had executioners on their early albums. The layout was done by Thomas Väänänen and our guidelines to him were that it should look like the old classic releases from SPV and Noise Records that he successfully did!

How has the feedback been from the metal community ever since you guys had your music out in the open?
The feedback has been crazy. People have gone nuts and buy our stuff like maniacs haha... That's of course fun and appreciated that people like our music and now when our first full-length album is out I think it will spread like a disease around the world...

I think you have done two shows so far. So how did that go and are there plans to do some more gigs, possibly a full tour?
Yeah, that's right! Only two shows so far but both were awesome! We will of course do more gigs and festivals but a full tour will probably be impossible because of kids, families and other bands. So it likely will be mini tours with 3-4 gigs on the weekends instead. Hopefully we can come and play in Holland soon, Netherland Death Fest and Eindhoven Metal Meeting would be killer of course if they book us!

I guess I covered everything. Anything else you want to get of your chest?
Well, thank you so much for the interview! For all of you that want to support us we have merchandise and records that you can order directly from us. We have some new songs already and we will probably enter the studio again after the summer for a 7" inch or something. Keep your eyes open for updates about gigs and other shit on our Facebook. Support the underground Metal scene and stay drunk! Cheers!

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