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A couple of months ago the meanwhile thirteenth studio album ‘Headstrong’ of the German melodic rock outfit Pink Cream 69 saw the light of day and as usual it had become a great album. The idea therefore was to talk to singer David Readman shortly after the release but for one reason or another our agendas just seemed very difficult to match. As a result of that finally we chose to do the interview via e-mail, in which David supplied us with the necessary information about the new record…

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Hi, I would like to start with the last studio-album ‘Ceremonial’ from 2013, What did that album mean for the band both from a commercial as well as an artistic perspective?
I think with the album ‘Ceremonial’ we just did what we wanted to do. Kosta had left the band and we needed time to find ourselves again. I think the record is very good, but I think that our fans needed something with a heavy sound. I also think that it had been too long a break between the previous album and I don’t think it got the recognition that it should have got.

Why did it take you more than four years to come up with a successor for ‘Ceremonial’?
As I said we needed some time to find ourselves again and both Dennis and me were pursuing other projects as well. Next to that Pink Cream 69 were playing shows at that time, but we realized then it was time to make a new record. It really wasn’t until the middle of last year after hearing from so many fans that they wanted a new record, that I said to the guys to start and create a great new record.

When did you start with the actual preparation and song writing for this new album ‘Headstrong’ and what was the game plan that you had?
I guess it was around the June/July timeframe that we finally realized that we needed to make a new record. As everybody in the band writes songs, there was a big pool of tunes that we could start working on. The game plan has always been to check out everybody’s songs and make an A and a B list. When we start we have about thirty songs to listen to and to decide which songs are going to work and which are not. Some of the songs needed a lot of work, but I think that when you hear a great song, it’s worth working on and making it a truly great one.

Did the song writing for ‘Headstrong’ differ in any way from what you did for ‘Ceremonial’ and if so, in what way?
I think that in general there was no real difference. The only difference would be that I now live in Holland and of course that makes working together a lot more difficult. So a lot of things were done over the internet this time until the final stage of writing when we would meet and jam in the practice room.

What were you looking for in the new song material of the band? What were typical ingredients that needed to be present in the new songs?
We were looking for a heavy sound this time, more up-tempo tunes and more aggression, as far as a Pink Cream 69 record should sound. We basically just wanted to put the band back on the map, get out there again and we knew that a record like this would help us find our way.

If you compare the new album to ‘Ceremonial’, what are in your opinion the biggest differences and maybe also improvements?
The biggest difference for sure is the power of the new album and the red line that runs through the album, which is something that we made an effort to do on this new one.

You have released two video’s so far, the lyric video for ‘Man Of Sorrow’ and a real video for ‘Walls Come Down’. Why did you choose for these songs in particular and why the combination of both a lyric as well as a normal video?
Well, ‘Walls Come Down’ was an obvious choice for us as it had Pink Cream 69 written all over it and the lyric video is just part of today’s business.

How important are videos nowadays for a band like Pink Cream 69 as besides Youtube there are not really too many broadcast possibilities anymore?
Videos are more important than ever I guess and it’s a shame that there ain’t no budget anymore like we had in the old days as a result of Youtube basically being the only medium around at the moment.

The album was released on November 10th of 2017, so what were the first reactions from both the press as well as the fans up till now?
We’ve had very cool reaction so far and we’re of course very happy about that. Time to make another one I think!

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If you had to pick one song of ‘Headstrong’ which represent Pink Cream 69 best at this very moment, which one would that be and why?
As stated above already ‘Walls Come Down’ hits the spot in all places and has Pink Cream 69 written all over it!

In how many versions did the album become available? How do you feel about record companies that are releasing all these kind of different versions, as the real fans probably want to purchase all of them?
We did a regular version with album and bonus-live CD. Of course Japan always wants more tracks and that’s exactly what we gave them. I think it’s cool doing other types than just the regular album version so that we can offer the fans something special. That’s just great and in these days you really need it.

What are your expectations from ‘Headstrong’. When will it be a success for you?
It’s already a success as we’re just back from the tour with Pretty Maids which was mostly sold out!

As a bonus an extra disc with live songs from the 2013 ‘Ceremonial’ tour was added. What was the thought behind this?
It’s just to give the fans something more for their precious euros and for the new fans to let them hear what we did the last thirty years!

The band celebrated his thirtieth anniversary recently. Did you ever imagine that the journey would last this long and looking back at the entire period, which have been the absolute highlight for Pink Cream 69?
Never in a million years I would have imagined that we would last this long, but it feels good though! We played the Miami Monsters Of Rock cruise this February, which was an absolute blast and of course going to Japan is always fun!

Besides Pink Cream 69 you’re also taking care of the vocals in bands like the David Readman Band, Almanac and Pendulum Of Fortune. Why do you have the urge to sing in so many different band and which one has priority for you?
I just love being on the road, so all bands are really important to me.

Isn’t it difficult to combine all these different kind of activities, especially from a logistic perspective?
No, not really, it just requires proper planning and for sure my day job doesn’t like it!

You have done a tour through a couple of European countries in March with label mates Pretty Maids. How did you get teamed up with them for this tour and what other plans does Pink Cream 69 have for 2018?
We had worked with the guys before and realized that the combination worked really well! There are several other shows planned for 2018, so I have enough going on for sure!

How in god’s name are you going to pick the set list as the fans want to hear both the new material as well as the old classics?
Up to now we have made thirteen album, so we just play the golden greats and five new ones for our latest album, so it’s real ease…

What other activities has David Readman for us in store for 2018 with all his different activities?
I’m not gonna share this with you yet, you will see very soon!

You’re living in Waalwijk in the Netherlands right now. Why did you decide to relocate to the Netherlands and how do you like life in our country?
Well, I fell in love and it was also always a dream for me to live in the Netherlands with all that very flat country.

You’ve been in the business for so long already, but what are some of the dreams that you still want to achieve both as a musician and as a person?
I would still like to work with other people, maybe in the US and also from the UK.

Okay David, I would like to thank you for your willingness to answer my questions. Is there anything that we didn’t cover that you want to express to our readers?
Thanks again for reading, I did my best even if I didn’t listen at school 

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