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Jacobs Moor

A strong piece of diverse metal that is sure to appeal to many metalheads from multiple niches of the genre, that is the shortest possible summary that can be made of ‘Self’, the second full-length album by Jacobs Moor/ The music is raw, honest, carefully thought out and because the band does not bind itself to one sub-sub-subgenre in metal that seems to be all the rage today, the band shows courage. Bands like this are what we need to prevent metal from becoming a repetition exercise without end. To provide a platform for the band to tell a bit more about themselves and their music, I contacted the Austrian fellowship, and so there were drummer Rainer, singer Richard and guitarist Rupert to answer our summons. Do read on!

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Hello guys, and thanks for taking some time for the readers of Lords Of Metal. How are things in the Jacobs Moor camp?
Rainer: Things are going pretty well, we are still busy promoting the new album ‘Self’, new reviews are coming every other day and most of them are very good! We are also booking new concerts, next one will be on 6th of April at the mighty Rockhouse Salzburg. New videos will be released the whole year and we have already started writing new songs.

Rupert: Yeah, doing all the shows is really inspiring and spending time together gives us the opportunity to work on new material.

Since this is your first interview with us, could you give us a short introduction to Jacobs Moor
Rainer: The band started as a trio with Richard, Johnny Sommerer and myself. In the beginning we were just a studio project and began working on our debut album. It took almost three years to finish ‘All That Starts’, but in autumn 2013 we were finally done. Next step was to find musicians to perform live. We were very lucky and found some of the best musicians in the Austrian scene, so in 2014 the band was complete, and we started playing live. Johnny is still a band member, focusing on song writing and acting as our 'Noble Joker' as he can jump in on guitar and on bass, if one of the other guys has no time. In 2015 we have released the EP 'The Evil In Me' with two new songs and five live songs, recorded at our live debut in 2014. In the meantime, we have also released a lot of live and studio videos. Both albums, ‘All That Starts’ and ‘The Evil In Me’ are still available on CD in our webshop and digitally in every common online store. through our first label BleedingStar Records. In 2015 we got honoured with an Austrian Newcomer Award, another highlight was to open for legendary US-Speed/Thrashers Flotsam And Jetsam in Vienna.

So let’s talk some shop about your latest album ‘Self’. First of all there is the title of the album, which is short but powerful in terms of describing the lyrical contents. It seems to me that an overarching theme is someone struggling with both himself and the world?
Richard: Your guess is right. The lyrics on the ‘Self’ album are very personal and the 'someone' struggling is me. But it`s also a cynical point of view of our society. Like we try to show on the cover-when you put away the bones and skin that differentiate us as humans we end up like the picture: eyes, flesh and teeth.

One of the more aggressive songs is the opening track ‘Watching Atrocities, which already has a heavy theme. People getting used to watching the most terrible things via all sorts of media and getting mentally numb for human suffering as a result, if I interpret the lyrics right. Any recent events that inspired you for this song
Richard: Your interpretation is right again. It´s an observation of myself watching disgusting images and stuff in the net. When I did this for a while, I started to realize that the repulse seeing awful stuff and news was diminishing. From that experience came the idea for the lyrics.

Rainer: Watching Atrocities is one of my favourite songs, we are already playing the song live for about two years and it is our so called 'tank', as it is so heavy and pushy. Very hard to play also…

Rupert: Especially for the guitars, the first 'break' appears in a djent part after three minutes…

Recent writings on your Facebook page spoil that you still have a video coming for one of the songs on ‘Self’. Could you lift the vale a bit? Which song have you chosen and why?
Rainer: It will be a video of the 2nd song on the album, called ‘The Absence Of Me’ and it will contain live footage of the tour last November. The video will be released on Sunday, 18th of February. We have already released a video of the intro 'March Of The Flies' and the lyric video of the album opener ‘Watching Atrocities’. We plan to make a video for each song on the album!

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So let’s say that we have this random metalhead who wants to add one of the album songs to his favourite Spotify playlist, which song of your album would you recommend?
Rainer: For me it would have to be ‘Self’, ‘Watching Atrocities’ or ‘Hopeless Endeavour’ but unfortunately, we have no digital distribution at the moment as we are still looking for the right label to release the next edition of CDs and digitally. ‘All That Starts’ and ‘The Evil In Me’ are available digitally, of course you can also find them on Spotify.

Richard: For me it’s ‘The Absence Of Me’ because I think it shows most of the trademarks of our music.

Rupert: Of course, all the songs are our babies and for me as a guitarist I love songs with solos but in that case it´s ‘Hate Of A New Kind’. It´s raw, fast and a punch in your face. On the other side there exists the pure natural beauty in the bridge leading back to its brutal strength in the chorus and main riff. Maybe ‘Hate’ is pretty fast but in its genuineness actually easy to play.

One of the strongest points of ‘Self’ is the diversity. Every song has a completely different vibe which keeps things really interesting. With all those different styles and influences on your music, what is the latest new metal band or genre you discovered that really got your creative juices flowing?
Rainer: I love the Norwegian Progressive Metal/Prog. Rock band Leprous, although they are not really 'new'. The have created a new style and are improving with every new album. My favourite one is ‘Coal’, this one is epic!

Richard: I also love Leprous and a Polish band called Obscure Sphinx they released already three albums online. Their style is some dark kind of Doom Metal and they are still very underground.

Rupert: For me it´s still the band Animals As Leaders - expanding creativity with 8string guitars. The perfect album is ‘The Joy of Motion’ with an exquisite balance between guitars, drums and loops.

Now you have two albums out, I take it that you might also be interested in doing some live shows? Anything up the pipeline here?
Rainer: There is always something in the pipeline! At the moment it is the show at Rockhouse Salzburg on April 6th. More live dates are coming soon!

Any future endeavours you can already share with us? I believe you are still looking for a record label deal?
Rainer: That’s right, we are negotiating with labels but so far there was nothing good and interesting enough, so we will wait.

Rupert: The most important thing is a fair deal between the label and the band. If there´s none it’s impossible to present results on a high level.

That was all I have for you, so I think we can wrap it up for this interview. Unless, of course, if there is still something you would like to add?
Rainer: Thank you so much Jori for the great review of our album and this interview, and to Horst and everybody at Lords Of Metal! You help keeping the underground alive and we really appreciate that!

Richard: Thanx to you and your readers for still being interested in new Metal bands!

Rupert: I never gigged in the Netherlands, there is no more time to waste!

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