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Clockwork Revolution

Just a bit unexpected it was, the debut album by Clockwork Revolution, a band consisting of a bunch of experienced guys in the business put together as if at random. In order to pretend to be a real scientist I quote my own work here: “With drummer Patrick Johansson (Rising Force, W.A.S.P.), singer Wade Black (Crimson Glory, Leatherwolf) and bassist Dirk Van Tilborg (Alias, Kamelot) on board, we can safely categorize Clockwork Revolution under super groups.” A bit curious to the story behind this band I contacted singer Wade Black, who provided all my questions with a short though clear answer.

By: Jori | Archive under heavy / power metal

Hello guys, and thank you for taking some time for the readers of Lords Of Metal. How are things in the Clockwork Revolution camp?
All is going great here in Camp Clockwork. The release of the album was a huge accomplishment for the band and we are very happy that is has been accepted with such open arms and metal love from around the world.

So, two Floridians, one Pennsylvanian and one Swede. How did this unlikely alliance get together?
I received a call from Dirk Van Tilborg, who was a fan of my previous work with Crimson Glory and Leatherwolf, asking if I would be interested in coming and putting some songs together for what then became the band Clockwork Revolution. I have been friends with Patrick Johansson for many years and he was already working with Dirk on this project when they brought me in. That was when they introduced me to Dewayne Hart.

The self-titled debut album has received mostly positive reviews, combine that with a lot of “likes” on your social media platforms for such a new band and it is safe to say that Clockwork Revolution had a flying start. Did you expect things to go so fast once you released the album?
We were definitely hoping so! We knew that we had a collaboration of great musicians/talents and combined with a good body of music we felt strongly that something good was destined to come of this record. But honestly, the response has been quite immense.

The music on ‘Clockwork Revolution’ is referred to by many people as “modern heavy metal”. This is striking, since many of you have their roots in more “vintage sounding” bands. Was this style a deliberate choice or was it just the way the music turned out?
There was really no deliberation to this. Our style came from our experiences with other bands, our musical influences and how we influenced one another.

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Anything you can tell me about the lyrical themes covered on the album?
The lyrical themes on this album grew out of personal experiences and current world events that are afflicting our society today.

One of the highlight songs in my humble opinion is ‘Heritage’, both musically and lyrically it is a rocking gem. Please tell a bit more about this one, it seems to be about an oppressed people?
This song is an anthem to the native Americans that have been oppressed and tormented since the invasion of mankind years ago. This is a subject that has always been heartfelt to me and I feel honoured to be able to express this tragedy in a song such as ‘Heritage’.

Planning live shows with a band like Clockwork Revolution seems like a challenge. After all, you are all accomplished musicians with busy agendas of your own. Is playing live with this band something that is in the pipeline, or will this be a studio-only band?
We do not plan on being just a studio-only band. We are working on setting up some tour dates and are excited about bringing Clockwork music to our fans around the world.

So what can we expect after some more turns of the clockwork? Is a second album something that is in the planning?
There are many turns of the Clockwork to come. We are not a band to stop at just one. We crave creating. And the creation of album II is in the works.

That was all I had for you. So if there’s still something on the chest that needs to get out there, now is the time!
We just want to say a personal Clockwork thank you to Jori and all at Lords of Metal, along with all of our readers/fans around the world, for the ongoing support of this album. We appreciate each and every one of you and think about you every day. Stay METAL my friends. See you all on the road!!

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