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Frozen Crown

Blown away, that might be the most fitting description of the feeling that was left after my first listening session of the debut album by Frozen Crown. For the full description of the when and how you better read the review, where 88 out of 100 points is the numerical witness of a fantastic album, especially for a debut album. Of course I sought contact with the band to let them speak themselves about their piece of work. This lead to the group founder, keyboard player and guitarist Federico Mondelli speaking. Do read on!

By: Jori | Archive under heavy / power metal

Hello there, and congratulations on the upcoming release of your fantastic debut album ‘The Fallen King’. You must be excited now around the moment of the release?
Of course we're extremely excited about the release. We have so many things to do at the moment, photo sets, video shooting, rehearsing and all, and the promotional work never stops. We've also received some truly amazing feedback so far. Pretty much all the reviews are enthusiastic, so we can say it couldn't start better.

Since you are a young band doing your first interview with us, please give us a short introduction to the band.
Frozen Crown is essentially a heavy metal band drawing most of its influence from late 90s power metal, enhanced with some extreme metal elements here and there, mostly melodic death and black metal. The project relies on melodic and fast guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and on the constant alternation between female vocals, serving mostly as lead, and male vocals, with the latter making some occasional incursions in screaming and growling.

In December you released your single and lyric video ‘The Shieldmaiden’. Even though this was your first song ever finished, the single was released through Scarlet Records. How did you manage to sign a deal with one of Italy’s larger labels so early on?
Actually I've already released two albums under Scarlet Records, and Marquee / AVALON for the Japanese market, with my main band Be The Wolf. During the last years, in my spare time, I had been writing down some material for a metal solo project, and it was Scarlet itself that actually encouraged me to turn those ideas into an actual album. The label also helped and supported me throughout the process that led Frozen Crown to evolve from the original solo studio project it was supposed to be into a proper band, by including singer Jade at first, and later the remaining three members. Scarlet Records has been integral to the project from the very beginning.

’The Fallen King’ turned out to be a fantastic record, in my review I called it “the best debut album in the Italian power metal since times“ and many other reviewers so far share my praise. Did you expect the reactions to your music would be so lauding?
First of all, thank you for calling it that way, it's such a great honour, especially since the Italian power metal scene can boast some well renowned, high quality debut albums. The obvious answer would be “of course no, we weren't expecting that”. You know, at first, as I was reading all those enthusiastic reviews, I kept thinking “wow, this was totally unexpected”. I'm also happy people understood the intent behind the album, paying a sincere, enthusiastic tribute to heavy metal, without any will to overdo or to try to impress anyone. Behind ‘The Fallen King’ there is no arrogance, no pretentiousness, neither any claim to invent something new. Just pure love for music, simple as that.

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One of the strongest assets of ‘The Fallen King’ is its diversity. In ten songs you proved to be competent in all aspects of power metal. The soaring opening of ‘Fail No More’, the catchy sing-along chorus of ‘Kings’, the galloping melodrama in ‘I Am The Tyrant’, the chaotic tastiness in ‘Queen Of Blades’, it’s all there. So how does the writing of all these different songs take place in your band? Do you have one leading music writer or is this a band effort?
Actually I am the only songwriter in the band, except for the track ‘Chasing Lights’, which was written by Jade who also wrote the lyrics for three of the songs. I have to clarify that, as I explained before, this was originally meant to be a solo project, so nine of the songs were already almost finished when the other guys joined. It was only due to a matter of time that they could not contribute with their own ideas, though the drummer Alberto arranged all his drum parts and the guitarist Talia had the chance to write the guitar solo for the song ‘Kings’. Of course we're already working together at the next album, and they will have more room to express themselves, being Talia with her leads or Jade with her songwriting. About diversity, I just put into this album all my influences and all the music I love, nothing more. I worked without boundaries and with no rules, sometimes I felt like I wanted to add a heavier, Swedish death metal inspired riff, sometimes I felt like screaming vocals could complement perfectly a specific part, etc. The final result came out pretty naturally, without any premeditation.

One of the highlight songs is of course ‘The Shieldmaiden’ that we mentioned before as being the single and lyric video song. Any special thoughts on this one? Who directed the scenery in the lyric video? Is the song about a certain shieldmaiden more of us might know?
Actually the concept for ‘The Shieldmaiden’ came right after Jade was chosen to be the band's frontwoman. Her appearance, vocal style and stage presence naturally suggested a Nordic, Viking inspired scenario. Before I actually wrote the final lyrics for the album, the placeholder titles and concept for each song were based on Wagner's ‘Ring of the Nibelung’, and ‘The Shieldmaiden’ was of course based on the Brunhild character. The final lyrics, though, talk about an unnamed, archetypal shieldmaiden. About the video, I made the video myself. I work in the visual field and I'm also responsible of the band's artwork and graphics, and I've always took care of all my musical projects aesthetic aspect.

Could you tell us something about the lyrical topics of the other songs?
Many of the songs are, on the surface, settled into a fantasy, heroic environment, though all the epic elements like kings, swords and monsters just serve as a means to talk about the challenges men face every day in their lives. ‘I Am The Tyrant’ tells the story of an immortal, ancient creature which can represent a mixture between Dracula and Satan. It's pretty much structured like a musical, where the male vocals take the lead and I pretty much play the part of the main character just like Jade does, otherwise in ‘The Shieldmaiden’. Some other songs, like ‘Queen of Blades’, make explicit references to already existing characters from other media, in this case Sarah Kerrigan from the Starcraft franchise, to talk about specific topics, as in this case, metamorphosis. Jade's lyrics make an exception and bring additional elements to the album themes, being deeper and often intimate, especially ‘Across The Sea’ and ‘Chasing Lights’.

So what’s on the agenda after the release of the album? Are you planning to do some live shows in Italy?
Of course we're playing our very first show in Milano the release day. After that, we're setting up a promotional tour, trying to play around and bring our album as far and in as many places as possible.

That was all I had to ask you, so I think we can wrap it up for now. Unless of course, if there is still something you would like to mention to the readers of Lords of Metal?
Well, I have nothing special to tell to your readers except the following thing. I hope you'll like ‘The Fallen King’ and if so, I really hope that you let us know it on our social networks. Nowadays people's support is all that really matters to a band, especially to a young one. We can't wait to hear your feedback. Stay metal, and see you on the road!

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