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Out of the blue Theotoxin steamrolled us to a near death in March 2017 with the release of 'Atramentvm'. The Austrian black/death horde slammed down all the sacred cows with their first long player and immediately applied for a spot in the top list for best debut in 2017. About time to get to know these men, whose new record is already in the making. I talked about this with drummer Flo Musil and guitarist Martin Frick, brother of the new vocalist of Theotoxin.

By: Koen S. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Hi guys, first of all I want to say I was very happy with the release of your debut album ‘Atramentvm’ last March. I still listen to it frequently. It was one of those unexpected gems you find each year that blows away a lot of the most anticipated releases. Thanks for that!
Hey Koen! Good to hear that you are enjoying ‘Atramentvm’. We put a lot of hard work and hate in it.

How do you feel about the album now it is nine months old? Do you think of stuff you should have done differently or are you perfectly happy with the way it turned out?
Flo: Normally I always find some moments or parts I would like to change after we recorded it but with Theotoxin’s debut I`m definitely satisfied. ‘Atramentvm’ was just the beginning of something…like a premonition.

Martin: I cannot say that much about this, because I joined Theotoxin after they recorded ‘Atramentvm’. I met the guys just a few weeks later when I saw they were looking for a guitarist, so I contacted them and they send me a short preview. My first thought was simply: “Holy shit, this is fucking amazing”.

From the review here at Lords Of Metal: ‘This is no metal for acolytes. Literally, because everything that has to do with Christianity is being ruthless demolished here. In ‘My Harlot’ for example you can hear the following: ‘Masochistic fantasies, Son of God get on your knees, My rod will furnish you well, I´ll show you my bondage hell!’ Who wrote the lyrics for ‘Atramentvm’ and can you tell us more about songs as ‘Into the Depths’ and ‘Pontius Pilatus (Bringer of Death?’
Flo: I wrote all of the lyrics myself except ‘Into the Depths’, those were written by Mantus mostly. About the lyrical themes: Theotoxin stands against all brainwashing beliefs, religions and political bullshit. Take a look at the world nowadays, religious fanatics are bashing, bombing and shooting themselves for a damn fairy-tale and false Idols. Their made up gods drove people insane and still make them do horrible things. A waste of time in my opinion. Go back in history what the Christians have done during their holy Crusades, so I guess it will never stop until we have annihilate ourselves. Would be better if you ask me…

About the Lyrics of the song ‘My Harlot’… It’s a mockery, why should a fictive carpenter doesn’t have a hobby or some kind of fetish. About ‘Pontius Pilatus - Bringer of Death’: Pontius Pilatus was the vicegerent who sentenced Jesus to death, says at least the new Testament. Most of the lyrical themes are like this on the album. On the upcoming one we looked a bit over the edge but not too far, it’s important that we can identify ourselves with the lyrical content and they have a meaning in our world. I had some ideas and some topics which I wanted to write about and so did Michael, who also wrote a few lyrics for the next piece. But no whiny or fairytale bullshit, still inhuman and against the idea of God and the fvcked up human race.

Could you tell us something about the origin and/or meaning of the band name Theotoxin? And while we are at that, what’s the meaning of ‘Atramentvm’?
Flo: Theotoxin is a combination of two words. THEOS means God in Greek and TOXIN is simply poison. So the meaning and the idea behind this name is that God is poisoning our mind and soul and leads to some kind of addiction, which has the results that people are fighting against each other in the name of their beliefs. About Atramentum: it’s an ink which was used in ancient Rome to blacken objects and all kinds of things. It’s a very intense black that’s also produced by squids.

The artwork is something else that stands out: one could make a hell of a tattoo based on this image! Which artist did the artwork and why did you choose to work with this particular artist?
Flo: The artwork is from a really talented Artist, based in Germany, called Ceethava (Temple of Thava). She is very creative and totally professional when it comes to implement the artists vision or ideas. A good friend of mine worked with her in the past, when he showed me a piece of her art I knew that she’s the one who should design ‘Atramentvm’. She also made our entire past shirt designs and also the newest which will be released with our upcoming album.

The video for ‘My Harlot’ you released in June is quite shocking and rather disturbing. What’s the story behind that? Are there any plans to shoot more video’s in the near future?
Flo: Honestly, the ‘My Harlot’ shot was a non-budget video cause we did it by our own, but for that guess it turned out quite good. Shooting metal videos is always dangerous in my opinion because they can turn out very cheesy and ridiculous very fast. But the next music video will be shooting by James Quinn, an amazing artist from Linz, Austria. His latest movie ‘Flesh of the Void’ won a few prizes in the states and is a very disturbing piece of art. He will be responsible for the newest clip and also the rtwork for the upcoming Album. So the next clip will be very obscure, disturbing and dark.

band image

I noticed Theotoxin has a new vocalist: I can imagine it was not easy to part ways with Mantus after the release of ‘Atramentvm’, especially when you want to promote the album live. Could you introduce this new man behind the mic?
Flo: There were no bad blood between Mantus and the Band, I decided it was the best for Theotoxin at this point in time for different reasons, so I told him that…End of story. He did a very good Job on ‘Atramentvm’ but a new chapter will begin soon. Shortly after we found Michael who is actually the brother of Martin our guitarist and I guess he should introduce his brother:

Martin: I am really excited that my brother Michael joined the band, because we have a great connection to each other. We played together in several bands and I knew that he will fit in the band very well! Also he’s like a possessed beast on the mic.

You did some live shows after the release of ‘Atramentvm’ but not that much. Is it difficult to bring the band together to play live or is it the bands own choice to not tour much?
Flo: We would love to play more gigs but we need more people to know us. There’s a ton of talented bands out there and it’s hard to get gigs. But we want to focus more on concerts outside of Vienna. We have a few upcoming shows, but it takes time. I’m playing live and doing this kind of music for 19 years now and it has never been that hard to get descent opportunities to play live. On the other side I can´t complain, Theotoxin was unleashed in spring 2017 and got a great response so far. Let’s see what 2018 has to offer!

You are hailing from Austria, not the biggest country in metal, but with bands as Disastrous Murmur, Abigor, Zombie Inc. Belphegor, Hollenthon, Pungent Stench, Harakiri For The Sky, Summoning…(and I almost forgot Disharmonic Orchestra) you have got a very nice base in both black and death metal. Are there other bands from your home country worth mentioning? Do you have some secret hints about bands we are not aware of yet?
Flo: Sure, there are a few bands out there which you should take a listen to. For example Irdorath, Anomalie, and of course all the other bands we are involved with like Dismal Lumentis, Distaste, The Negative Bias, etc. But the names you have listed are the biggest ones and mostly good friends of ours.

Martin: There are so many great bands in Austria, like the bands mentioned above; I would also add Horns of Hattin (where Michael is also involved), Days of Loss, Darkfall and Obsidian Chamber to the list.

You have got this nice Viper Room in Vienna. How is the metal scene overall in Vienna? Are there enough metal locations like bars, stores, clubs etc. in your home town?
Flo: I’m not the metal bar type anymore, when I was younger I was partying a lot here but nowadays I enjoy writing music more than going drunken nuts to some shitty Metallica song in a bar. I guess Martin can you tell a bit more.

Martin: There are some great locations in Vienna besides the Viper Room. For concerts: Arena, Szene, Gasometer, Escape (also a bar) and the recently opened Battle Axe. We also have some nice stores were you can buy merchandise like Totem, Merchand and the EMP-store.

Some members of Theotoxin are also playing in Zombie Inc. I saw them in Eindhoven a few years back and I remember the show being quite fun with the masks and it was very enjoyable despite the early hour on the second day of the festival. I wonder who was there and who remembers this show.
Flo: What a coincidence, that was actually my first Zombie Inc. Show as their drummer. I had three weeks to prepare and met both guitarists, a few hours before the show, at a German Airport for the first time. What a chaotic show it was, in my perspective at least, but fun. Our bass player Joachim joins Zombie Inc. a year later I think.

What are the future plans for Theotoxin? Did you already write some songs for an upcoming album? Are there any plans to conquer the world live on stage?
Flo: Waited for that question! The new album is written and titled. I´ll start tracking drums on 27th of December and the rest will follow in January. It should be said that you can expect way heavier guitar arrangements, some songs are a bit faster, some are melodic but not in a corny way. It will sound darker and more mature. As I said ‘Atramentvm’ was a premonition or let’s call it a starter pack. About touring: We wanna fvcking raid the world with our upcoming album, hopefully we can count on a supporting label which help us to spread the word of Theotoxin.

Ok guys that is about it. I hope seeing you live anytime soon in The Netherlands, Belgium or at the summer festivals in Europe! Keep it brutal and if you want to say something to the underground fans out there, this is the moment! Cheers!
Thanks for the support and these interesting questions, we really appreciate it and keep supporting the underground.

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