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Finding a perfect balance between the roughness and genuine passion of metal, progressiveness and catchiness is for many bands a true challenge. Danish Defecto succeeds in that marvelous potion on the sophomore studio album ’Nemesis’ which we gave a rave review with superlatives last month. The band noticed this interest and they were eager to add the next questionnaire to support this amazing release. It is highly recommended to fans of genuine yet fervent progressive metal with a raw edge.

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Can you explain a little about your band name and music style?
When we originally were looking for a name, we wanted something that wasn’t too complicated; something that people would understand immediately. Apart from that, we didn’t want a name that would make people think of a certain genre - we would rather pick something more neutral that would give us a “clean slate” so to say; meaning that people wouldn’t be able to put us in a box if they hadn’t heard us. For those reasons, we liked ‘Defecto’, as we felt it met both requirements.
How do you think your music stands out, and why should readers give you a chance?
We create a combination of extremely melodic, catchy rock and metal, while still incorporating elements from progressive metal, thus making our music accessible but also making sure that things never get too predictable. We also care very much about songwriting - we always want to make sure that the technical aspects of our songs never outstay their welcome or become show - off just for the sake of showing off.

What can we expect in connection with your album release? Do you have any concert plans, music videos or collaborations that you can reveal?
We just released our second album ‘Nemesis’ and plan to tour Denmark in the spring of 2018, where we will be visiting most of the largest cities in the country. Apart from that, we are going on a tour of Europe in March with Persefone. We’re also hoping for some festival gigs this summer. Last but not least, we are writing songs for our third album.

What is your ambition with the band and what are your future goals and aspirations?
We will definitely keep on pushing as far as we possibly can. There is no doubt about our dream: we want to make a living of our music, touring the world with the band.

If you were to recommend a song for a new listener, which song would you recommend?
Depends on what kind of genre you like. The contrast between our songs is big, so it is a difficult question to answer. If we have to - then ‘Nemesis’ from our second album (also called ‘Nemesis’).

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How would you describe the Danish rock/metal scene to be, currently? Are there any Danish bands, besides yourselves, that you would recommend?
The Danish underground metal scene is to some degree dominated by bands, that play a somewhat “heavier” genre than we do; such as djent, metalcore, doom, screamo etc.. For that reason alone, we feel like we stick out from the crowd, by being a somewhat accessible metal band that also incorporates progressive elements. There are however a lot of great Danish bands we can recommend: Theory, Siamese, Beneath the Silence, Diretone, Malrun, Aphyxion e.g.

What are some of your rituals before a show?
We are not the type of band that plays on stage wearing huge uniforms and makeup, so mainly we try to be present with our fans both before and after the show. We love talking to the people that support us, so we can let them know how much it means.

What is the absolutely worst thing that could happen with your upcoming release?
That our fans/reviewers don’t like it, and that nothing happens after the release; i.e. that it doesn’t lead us anywhere. I think all bands fear that; that the release will simply disappear without leaving a mark anywhere.

What is the craziest/stupidest you have been exposed to as a band, so far?
We weren’t exposed to it per se, but the moment where Nicklas Sonne broke his leg during a concert in Odense (but kept on playing) was pretty crazy. It made him appear in various gossip magazines in Denmark however, so perhaps it wasn’t that bad…? No, really, it definitely was. He is still affected by it to this day.

Which track on the album do you hate the most?
After listening to the album 17 trillion times while recording/mixing/mastering, there’s not a lot of songs left that you love, hehe – of course we don’t hate our songs. The songs we hate were not included on the album!

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