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With ‘Heroes In Time’ the new Swedish melodic metal band Metalite has release a great first album, which will definitely be to the liking of the fans of the genre. Guitar player Edwin Premberg was contacted to get more background information about this new band.

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Hi Edwin, can you tell me how the band got started and what your intention was back then?
I was interested in doing something more metal and wanted to combine some genres that I listened to myself like melodic metal and power metal. I had an idea what I wanted to do but I was still on my own and needed people that would help me out with this. When I ran into Emma, I discovered that we had the same ideas and vision so that was the first version of Metalite so to speak.

Were you part of any other band before starting Metalite? If so, which one(s) and did you do any recordings with those?
I played in a lot of cover bands before starting Metalite. I was never in a band that wrote their own material and that was also one of the reasons to start up this project as I wanted to write my own music as well.

The core of the band started with you and Emma. What’s Emma’s musical background?
I found Emma on a boat trip here in Stockholm, because she worked as a show artist on that boat. I was doing this trip with my wife and I saw Emma on stage and was immediately impressed by her voice. I knew that she had the perfect voice for my project so I contacted her after that and she was interested in joining the band and recording ‘Afterlife’.

How did you get the other three members Lea, Robert and Robert on-board?
I wrote all the songs and Emma and me recorded all the songs before we decided to form a real band. We looked at our contacts and we discussed what kind of members we needed. Emma knew Jakob Svensson, who did some solo’s on the album, but he didn’t have time to become a full-time member of the band. So we needed another guitarist and we found Robert Ornesved whom I still knew since we had played together about ten to fifteen years ago. Robert Majd and Lea Larsson were found due to some mutual friends of ours and they are the perfect match for us.

What’s the meaning of the band name Metalite and why did you choose this name?
There’s not really a special meaning, but it’s a combination of the words “metal” which emphasized the musical direction and “elite”, which is a very common word in the gaming industry. I’m very much into this gaming and computer industry and thought that the combination of these two words sounded great for my new project.

You do not only write the music, but are also responsible for the lyrics. Which subjects do you like to write about?
Because our music is more modern power metal than classical power metal, I don’t really write about dragons and kings and stuff like that. I’ve chosen subjects in the modern world like technical and electronic stuff and of course subjects that everyone feels inside like ambition and the internet culture.

Did you record any demos before releasing this debut album ‘Heroes In time’? If so, which one(s) and which songs were featured on those
Yes, we demoed some songs but we didn’t release is commercially. It was just for our own use.

The album was produced by none other than Jacob Hansen. How did you get him involved?
‘Afterlife’ was the first song that I wrote and recorded for the album and I just sent an e-mail to Jacob Hansen to ask him to master it, because back then I thought it was a good mix. But when Jacob heard it, he replied that he shouldn’t only master it, but that he wanted to do the mix too. I was a bit hesitant at first because that would probably be a very expensive affair and we didn’t have the backing of a record company at that time. But working with Jacob Hansen would also mean that many doors would be opened for us, so that’s when we decided that he should do the mix as well.

For this debut album you signed a record deal with Inner Wound Records. How did this deal get established?
When ‘Afterlife’ was done by Jacob Hansen I did a lyric video for the song and started to promote it to many record labels. I got in touch with Emil from Inner Wound Records and he really like what we were doing, so he offered to release the album on his label. We have a deal for this first album with an option for a possible second album.

What are typical elements that need to be present in a great Metalite song before you decide to release it on an album?
I’m influenced by a lot of music genres from the eighties and nineties and for me a catchy melody certainly needs to be there. Furthermore I try to combine the synth lead that was often used in those days and to combine it with a strong metal riff. These are essential elements in a Metalite song.

When did you start with the actual recordings for the debut album ‘Heroes In Time’?
We have worked on the album for about two years, both for the recording process as well as the mixing and mastering, so we started working on the album already in 2015.

As a first single ‘Afterlife’ was released. Why did you choose for this particular song as the first single?
I think ‘Afterlife’ is very representative for the sound that Metalite wants to show to the public. It’s kind of a signature song for Metalite as it contains all the elements that we consider important for a great track.

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You also shot a video for this track. Where was the video shot and what do you think about the actual end result?
The video was shot outside of Gothenburg, in Kungsbacka by the company 11 Frames Productions. Emil from Inner Wound Records has worked with them before and he introduced us to them. They had this great location which looked just like a hangar for airplanes, which matched the sound and the lyrics of our material.

How important is a video still nowadays as Youtube is about the only channel that is used to broadcast these? Are videos still worth the investment?
Especially here in Sweden this genre isn’t too big and there are no possibilities to get on (national) TV with our music, so Youtube is still a very important medium for a starting band in this genre. Because the modern fans like visuals very much, having a video is still a must for a band nowadays.

Are you going to shoot more videos from this album and if so, which one(s)?
We’re going to release one of two more songs before the album is coming out on October 27th. We will release ‘Nightmare’ as the second single from the album.

The album also contains a guest appearance of Fraser Edwars (Ascension). How did you get them on-board and what’s their specific contribution to the album?
He played some of the guitar solos for four or five songs on the album. He was just a fan from the beginning and we got in touch via internet. Since he is a great guitarist I gave him the responsibility to write some solos for our material.

The beautiful artwork was done by Jan Yrlund. Why did you choose him to do the cover and what was the assignment that was given to him?
Emil has worked a lot with Jan already in the past, so it was kind of a natural choice for us to pick him for the cover artwork. Since the style of music of Metalite is a bit modern, we needed something modern for the artwork as well. I shared my thoughts with him and he started working with that. He didn’t only create the artwork for the album, but he created the Metalite logo as well.

I know it’s always a difficult question, but if you had to pick one song from the debut album that would represent Metalite best, which one would that be and why?
Of course ‘Afterlife’, since we already stated that this was kind of a signature song for Metalite. Next to this one probably ‘Nightmare’, our second single, as it also has all the elements that we’re looking for in a great Metalite song.

Did you write and/or record more material than the eleven songs that are to be found on this debut album. If so, which ones and what is going to happen with them?
I have a lot of material, but it’s probably going to be used for a possible second album. Nothing of this material has been recorded, so it will remain on the shelf until the next recording session.

What are you own personal expectation from this album? When will it be a success for you?
My first goal was to get a record deal so that part of the mission is already accomplished. We’ve also already reached 100k views for the ‘Afterlife’ video, so I think the only expectation left for me is to go out into the world and do live shows.

Do you have any touring plans already and if so, can you tell us about it?
We have a lot of ideas and one of them is to plan a release party here in Stockholm somewhere in the November timeframe. But all things are now still in the planning phase and nothing is concrete yet.

The market is flooded nowadays with female fronted metal band. What are the unique selling points of Metalite? Why should people check out your band instead of the numerous others that are around?
We have not one but two girls in this line-up, so that really sets us apart…haha! On a more serious note though: not only the line-up is special but also the sound of the Metalite music is not as common in the marketplace. It makes people react immediately when they hear it.

What is the ultimate ambition level that you have with Metalite? How big can you grow the band in your opinion
I’m already happy with what we have accomplished so far, so I haven’t really given that matter much thought yet. First of all we want to release another album after this one of course and in between those albums we want to play live as much as possible. And we’ll just wait and see what will happen after that as it’s so hard stand out from the crowd in the music scene nowadays.

Okay Edwin, I would like to thank you for your willingness to answer my questions. Is there anything that we didn’t cover that you want to express to our readers?
I just want to say thanks to all the fans that have liked our video and that have helped us on the way to become a great band.

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