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‘The Crowning Of The Fire King’ is the awesome new album by Sweden's Sorcerer. Lords Of Metal wants to know more about it and asked bassist Johnny Hagel some questions.

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Hey guys, good to see you have returned with a new full-length. Since we already did an interview when you released ‘In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross’ in which we talked about the past, I now like to focus on more current events. How have things been since your return onto the scene and the release of ‘In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross’? How would you say the reception within the metal scene has been?
It has been really good. Our last album, 'In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross' got an overwhelming response from both media and the listeners. This was nothing we expected and inspired us even more to write and record the new album.

After the release of ‘In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross’ you released the EP ‘Black’ about a half a year later. In our previous interview you mentioned you recorded 11 songs of which 8 ended up on ‘In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross’. Am I correct to assume the 3 leftover tracks were used for the ‘Black’ EP with the additional acoustic song?
Yes, the three tracks were not really leftovers. We didn´t want the album to be too long so we decided to leave those three songs out and release them in another format even if it was hard to leave them out of the album from start. 95% of the albums released nowadays are too long if you ask me, less is more!

I was also wondering why ‘Black’ was released on Desert Plain Records and not by Metal Blade?
It was something we suggested and Metal Blade let us do it. Digitally it is released through Metal Blade. I hope we can do similar things in the future with special releases.

Now you return with the new album ‘The Crowning Of The Fire King’. Compared to many other bands you seem to write new material fairly quick as there’s only about 2,5 years between both full-lengths. It seems you guys are on fire. Can you tell a bit more about the writing of the new material? When did you start for instance?
Is 2,5 years quick? Maybe it is, I don´t know. I think we started around 1,5 years ago with collecting ideas and sending them to everybody in the band. Then we try to arrange the songs in the way we think would be the best. After that Anders starts working on the songs and then they maybe change a bit more until we feel the songs are as good as we want them to be.

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Did you compose and record a lot of songs this time around? There’s eight songs on the album and the 7” ‘Sirens’ contains a non-album track. But is there more we could expect in the near future?
We recorded ten songs in total, eight are on the album and the other two will be released on the first version of the album as bonus-tracks. One of them is the b-side of the 7-inch of 'Sirens'.

Talking about the ‘Sirens’ 7” single. Was this your idea or Metal Blade’s? In addition the title-track is also the opener of the new album. But what is there to tell about ‘Disciples of the Dark’? Why didn’t you include this on the album?
This was actually Metal Blade that came up with the idea and we all thought it was cool. As I am a collector myself I like the idea of releasing special things like this. We had the same process as on the last album with choosing songs for the album and 'Disciples Of The Dark and 'Bringer Of Misery' as the other songs is called, didn´t make it to the album. This doesn´t mean that they are bad in anyway, if they would be we would never be releasing them. Sometimes you have to choose even if it is hard.

Your drummer Robert Iversen left the band while you were recording, right? I guess that must have been a bit of a setback? You did find Lars Sköld available as a session drummer for the recordings. But have you been able to solve the drummer problem by now?
Yes that wasn´t ideal. Lars did a great job and really shows that he understands our music and what we want it to sound like. We have a new drummer now which actually is an old member. Richard Evensand who was in Sorcerer back in the 90s and recorded the second demo. He is a great drummer and we all know him well.

Can you tell a bit more about the recording of ‘The Crowning Of The Fire King’? On the previous recordings it seemed that Robert Iversen had a pretty big role in the recording and mixing. Did you record the different parts in different studios once again? And I guess the fact Robert left made you decide to have Ronnie Björnström to mix the album?
'The Crowning Of The Fire King' was recorded in the same way as the last album. In different studios and during a longer period than if you go in to the studio for a month. This gives us more freedom I think. Ronnie Björnström did mix the previous album as well as this album and he is a great guy who I can recommend to everyone.

What else can we expect from Sorcerer? Any tours or videos planned for instance?
We will release three singles before the album release and we plan to do videos of all the tracks, not as advance as for 'Sirens' but still videos you can watch on Youtube/Vevo. At the moment we are looking for festivals gigs and hope to nail some for 2018.

Right, these are all the questions that popped up. Anything else you might want to add?
If you like Sorcerer, support us and spread our music to everyone that you think can like us. Thank you for the interview and that Lords of Metal supports good music.

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