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Lords Of Metal has been following Dead Lord since their first steps. You can read older interviews here and here. Now the third album 'In Ignorance We Trust' has been released we contcated frontman Hakim to talk about the new album.

By: Pim B. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Hi Hakim. Once again two years have passed since your previous album so let’s chat a bit about the new one ‘In Ignorance We Trust’. You decided to team up with Ola Ersfjord again who now resides in Madrid. So, was your intention from the start to record with Ola again thus going to the Cuervo Recording Service's studio? Or did you consider any other options this time around?
We like Ola! He's very straightforward and easy to work with. He also knows pretty much what we want, and how we like to do things, so everything usually goes very smoothly when recording with him. He kind of feels like a natural part of the band. For this album, we approached him and told him what we wanted, and he suggested we'd record in his studio in Spain. Spain is warm and nice, and the beer is cheap, so we were happy to go there.

I assume your recorded the same way as you did the previous records, so tracking the songs live with adding overdubs later on and on analogue tape? Or did you slightly change the approach?
That's pretty much how we did it. I flew down a few days earlier to set things up and record the acoustic part of ‘Part Of Me’. That song was never rehearsed and pretty much put together in the studio. A lot of the lyrics were written in the studio as well. The live tracks took two days for all the songs, and then we had an additional eight days for the other stuff. We kind of worked in shifts. I'd be in the studio and write and record vocals from five in the evening to nine in the morning. then the others would come in and compose harmonies and chorus stuff. That was a different way of doing it for us, and it was very fun to come down to the studio each day and see what had become of the songs.

Your previous album was mastered in the USA. Did you use Chris Common again for the new album?
Nope. Björn Engelmann from Cutting Room did the masters. We pretty much had one day to get them done, so we sent them to Björn on a set date to have them ready for the label the next day. No time zone delays or stuff like that. Just fast and easy. And also he's one of the best in Sweden. Just check his catalogue...

How many songs did you actually record? There are 10 songs on the album but I read that the limited Digipack edition contains some bonus material. Can you tell a bit more about that?
We recorded twelve tracks. The ones on the album, another original song and a Motörhead cover. The Motörhead cover ended up not being on the limited edition CD for legal reasons. Kind of sucks, but hey, waddaya do right? The other song will be on the limited edition digipack and the US version of the album.

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How was the song writing for the new album anyway? Since you’re more or less on the road a lot I wonder how this works for you guys. Are you able to compose new material while on tour or is this something you do at home? I guess it all depends on inspiration too, so perhaps you can shed a bit of light on Dead Lord’s writing process?
It's all very unstructured. Of course there have gotten a song or two written in the two years’ time since the last album, but most of the songs were written and properly arranged into actual songs the weeks leading up to the studio. We pretty much just booked a date, to get our thumbs out of our asses and started gathering and looking through old ideas I had recorded on my phone and semi-ready demos that Olle had done. Like I mentioned a lot of the lyrics were written and completed in the studio. But yeah, my writing is usually an idea for a lyric and a vocal melody over chords that I later try to transform into something that makes sense. I rarely do demos anymore as I find it more fun and rewarding to just show and explain my ideas for the others in the band to see what they instinctively will play over them. Usually works great.

I also wonder if you have a preconceived plan when it comes to writing an album? To be more exact; does a new album have to include mellower songs next to the full-out rockers? How do you decide on this?
In some sense yes. the first songs we had for this album were ‘Darker Times’ and ‘Reruns’. Two poppy songs. I didn't want the whole album to be only pop, so I wrote a few heavier too. But I wouldn't call it a planned procedure. Rather following the gut feeling.

It’s pretty clear what kind of bands and music has influenced you from the start. Would you say that these influences are still the same or have you been inspired by other music along the way? In addition would you say that meanwhile you have managed to create a specific Dead Lord sound and/or vibe?
I think we do sound more like us for every album we've done. Which isn't really that weird. The writing process nowadays is less demos and more of everyone's creative ideas in the rehearsal space. So yeah. But then again we've always listened to tons of different music. Everything from old sixties soul to black metal or whatever. We like good music, and whatever it is I think it makes a print in our song writing. Whether it's audible or not in our songs, that's another thing. But inspiration and influence comes from really everywhere.

Another thing that sticks out is the artwork and I understood Hakim was responsible for this. Is there any deeper meaning to the burning apple on the cover? Any relation to the lyrics in general on the album?
It's the fruit of knowledge, right? Burning? I think the message is pretty obvious.

I think you have shot a new video as well. Can you tell a bit more about that one? What song is it for and will you release a (physical) single too?
We did two videos. One for ‘Too Late’ and one for ‘Kill Them All’. I'm generally not a music video kind of guy. I find it rather stupid to pose wide legged into a camera while obviously pretending to play the guitar. So this time for Kill them All, we used some live footage and kept it less fake. The too Late video is more of a story based thing too. Completely free from posing rock dudes.

I guess this is all I have to ask about the new recording. I assume you’ll be on the road for a while to promote the album? Feel free to tell us a bit more about the future plans. Cheers!
Yup. Headline tour coming up. mostly Mainland Europe. After that one we'll be doing a run together with Imperial State Electric, and next year we'll finally get to other parts of the world where we yet haven't been. We will try touring our asses of this time again. Check for shows. Cheers!

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