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Progenie Terrestre Pura

The Italian act Progenie Terrestre Pura recently released their sceond full-length called ‘oltreLuna’. An elaborate black metal trip into space with influences ranging from ambient to dubstep and industrial. Extensive, enthralling and compelling. ‘oltreLuna’ is the kind of release that just begs for some explanation by its authors. Vocalist Emanuele and guitarist, synth-man and drum-programmer Davide, were kind enough to oblige.

By: Roel de Haan | Archive under black metal

Greetings! To start things properly: How are you doing?
Hi! Very well, thanks! It is a really challenging period. We're working hard for a lot of stuff with Progenie Terrestre Pura and our side projects. This year is going to be the most intense of all our history so far, from all points of view. ‘oltreLuna’ is receiving many good feedbacks, a lot of amazing reviews, and this increases our desire to do so.

Since this will be the first interview with Progenie Terrestre Pura for Lords Of Metal, could you introduce the band to our readers by means of a shirt biography?
Progenie Terrestre Pura was born in 2009 from the minds of Davide (aka Eon[0]) and Nex[1], the previous singer of the band, as a studio project which had the purpose to combine the passion for black-metal, electronic music, psybient and sci-fi to create something original and unheard of. The result was the “Promo 2011” which officially came out on the 15th of April. Free download for all, 50 cd’s for labels and zines. In the first part of 2012 the composition phase of the first full-length ‘U.M.A.’ was completed, and the release of the record via Avantgarde music (15th of April 2013) signed a big step forward for the band. The last two years have been a huge change for q[T]p, starting from the line-up changes to the quite substantial point in the composition style. But I think we'll have the chance to talk about it later.

I wanted to congratulate you with your new album ‘oLtreLuna! I thought it was quite impressive. How are the general reactions to the album? What are your expectations for the album?
Thank you very much man! Actually we didn't expect this kind of overwhelming reactions because of the style changes. We knew that many of our fans thought that we were supposed to replicate ‘U.M.A’s style so we prepared ourselves to something worse than what the reactions actually are, haha! We really appreciate all the feedbacks coming for ‘oltreLuna’ a lot.

Compared to your previous work U.M.A., I noticed a definite improvement in terms of maturity and originality of your music. Did you change your approach in song-writing? How do you explain this development?
Thanks. I think that this improvement is mainly due to the line-up change. It brought in many new influences and experiences in the project so the music obviously couldn't remain the same, also because every single member has a specific role in the band so you can hear everyone's touch in ‘oltreLuna’. The song-writing method is quite common. After we receive the guitar and some electronic parts from Davide, Fabrizio and I work together around them, creating our own lines, then I start to write lyrics upon them.

Another thing I noticed was the increase in content derived from outside the metal genre. Like dubstep and ambient. An interesting combination, I must say. In what way would you say the styles complement each other, or the other way around, how do they conflict with each other?
For this record Davide wanted to keep the atmosphere as ‘warm’ as we could because there are many links to Mother Earth in the concepts of ‘oltreLuna’. So as you heard, there are a lot of ethnic and ‘terrestrial’ samples in almost every song that fit perfectly for the black-metal style of q[T]p. The mixture of this elements came out very naturally as opposed to what many might think. Regarding the ‘dubstep’ and ambient music influences, we all listen to electronic music in general so we decided that it was time to try to ‘put it in the metal’, disobeying to master Fenriz, haha!

There is quite obviously a concept or sci-fi theme within your albums. Can you tell us something about this?
Of course there is! As I said, the project was born to create and keep this kind of scenario. This record should be considered like a step-by-step detachment from the terrestrial soil, the ultimate journey of the human being, full of memories and melancholy, adventure, and great discoveries at the same time. One of the main topics is the never-ending quest for the Divine nature of things, which once mankind reach the outer space, will progress through morbid and cold calculations. At the end of the journey it all shall be found in a new exoplanet, unknown, enigmatic.

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With such monumental and massive songs and with that many elements present in them, I can imagine composing a Progenie Terrestre Pura album is an exhausting and difficult task to undertake. Could you tell us something about the composing of the album?
Actually we don't see it like a ‘task’. The composition process is always very nice and stimulating. During the production of ‘oltreLuna’ we had a lot fun with samples, old school electronic synths like Juno-60 and many modern plugins. It was cool to mix all this kind of stuff with q[T]p style of metal and see how much potential we can get with the right experimentations. I think that the editing, mixing and mastering process was way more difficult and challenging than the composition process in this case, haha!

I consider Progenie Terrestre Pura to be a very original act, but even the most unique bands have examples. What are the bands and other things that have inspired you and continue to do so?
Everyone in this band have many influences, especially from outside the metal scene. I'm very into 80's retro-wave music for example, since a couple of years. If one day someone will enter in my room while I'm writing some lyrics for q[T]p he will find me busy listening to Dynatron or Crockett! Our music is very inspired by Mechina, Devin Townsend and stuff like that. Anyway, I think that sometimes musical influences can change your music radically even if they are not so explicit to the ear. I hope that in future works we will be able to evolve further, keeping more distance from black-metal music, not because we hate it but because we think that q[T]p can't remain fixed to one point and it needs to be as open-minded as possible to survire into this suffocating marasma.

I really like the production of the album. It is precise and defined, but still retains a slight organic feel. How was the recording-process? Are you satisfied with the result?
The recording sessions went very well. We took our time to record all the instruments as good as possible and to listen to the tracks several times before saying ‘OK, we can't do better than this’, so yes, we are very satisfied! As I said, the mixing process was very challenging because of the amount of tracks that we had to work on, but at the end I think that we managed to keep the sound quite clear and atmospheric at the same time, without sacrificing any element. It is the right blend of old and new q[T]p.

Looking at that the artwork of the album, it fits the music perfectly. Can you tell us something about who made it and how it should be interpreted?
Alex Preuss is our man for the visual part of q[T]p; no doubt. I wanted a sense of continuity with U.M.A. cover (our debut album), but aside from some details and input I give to Alex, I simply ask him to create something in his own style. And this is the result. Astonishing!!!

Do you have the ambition to perform live with Progenie Terrestre Pura?
It depends, we're not searching for gigs at the moment but if someone wants us to play live we will consider the proposal according to the conditions. Maybe four years ago it couldn't be possible and my answer would have been ‘No’, but now I think we are ready to take the next step and bring q[T]p on stage. We'll see.

I wonder what the future will hold for Progenie Terrestre Pura? What are your plans and ambitions for the future?
Working on new material for sure! We will enter the studio soon to record something that hopefully will see the light before the end of the year. Maybe if everything goes right, it'll be something more than Music, something really cool, but who knows? Haha! We also started to collect ideas for our third Full-length but I can't say anything more at the moment cause it’s still in the embryonic phase.

Thank you very much for your time, it is much appreciated. I hereby offer you the final words to our readers.
Thank you very much for the support and interview, keep up the good work! Stay in Space!

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