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The Wizards

'Full Moon in Scorpio' is the follow up on 2014’s selftiteld debut album by the Spanish stoner outfit The Wizards. The band plays a mix of stoner and occult rock and takes the listener back to a time when bands like Danzig and The Cult were still real big names in the scene. Time for a short introduction of this talented band from Basque Country. Guitarist Phil speaks on behalf of the band.

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How did you get together as a band? Can you tell a little bit about the history of the band?
The band got together between spring and fall of 2013. Our first gig was in February 2014, the same week of the recording of our first demo EP, 'Plagues'. Then we started playing gigs in our area and won an important rock contest, Villa de Bilbao in November 2014. We played France for the first time and gigged around more and more in support of our first album, 'The Wizards', that came out in March 2015. We travelled a bit more around Spain and France, and got to play some big festivals in support of Iggy Pop and Turbonegro. In April-May 2016 we hit the studio again with American musician and producer Dean Rispler and recorded 'Full Moon in Scorpio', our second album which is coming out on May 16, 2017. We are expecting to be pretty active this year.

On your new record I hear a lot of influences of The Cult and Danzig (voice sounds like a mix of Ian Astbury and Glen Danzig) a lot of 70s rock bands and newer stoner bands. How did you develop your sound as a band?
Well, that was fun, because it was really spontaneous and just a result of the influences we all have in common, and having fun playing together. You could hear and feel the energy since the first rehearsals. And it’s fun also because at first this band was intended to be a dark mix between Black Flag´s 'My War' B-side and early Sabbath sound. Which is a bit different from what it turned out to be haha.

Full Moon in Scorpio' was recorded together with Dean Rispler, bass player for The Dictator's (andex-Murphy's Law). How did that come about? And how was it to work with him?
Working with Dean was an opportunity that came from our management, Third Eye Society. They knew Dean and had worked with him before, and it was great when we knew he was willing to work with us. Working with Dean was just amazing, we learnt a lot and had great fun too. He’s done a truly amazing work on this album. He got the best from us and made it work great!!

Why did you choose for him to mix and master the album?
Well, the album is mixed and mastered by Jesse Cannon in his Cannon Found Soundation Studios in New Jersey. He usually works with Dean and he did one hell of a mixing/mastering job. Sounds powerful!!

How did you get into contact with Ross The Boss, who laid down a solo on the album?
The Gods of Metal got us in touch. He is a true Dictator, a true Man of War. And he delivered a sick performance, he is one of our rock and roll heroes and a wonderful guy. He fucking nailed it!!

Why did you sign a record deal with Fighter Records, a very new label, and sublabel for Xtreem Music, known for its extreme metal releases?
They seemed to like us, they offered us a fair and clear deal and we must say we are very happy with that. Fighter is more focused on hard rock and classic heavy metal, so we can fit!!

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What do you guys expect from this release? Big things?
Keep playing the music we love, enjoying and getting to know new people and spread our thing as much as we can. Let’s do this little by little, but let’s definitely do it!

Your debut album was self-released and sold out quickly. Is there any way to get your debut album, for fans who hear about you for the first time through your new release?
We still have a few cd copies left that you can get at our shows. Gheea Music, our label in Poitiers (France) for the first album, might still have a few vinyls left, but hurry up!!

When can we see you guys on tour in Europe, is anything planned yet?
As soon as we can, of course. We are working on that at the moment. Can’t wait to go and tour Europe, that´s for sure.

As you mentioned earlier, you have opened up shows for pretty big names like Iggy Pop and Turbonegro. How was that? And how did you land a spot on their bill?
Well, we got a call from that festival, they needed to fill in for The Vintage Caravan, who fell from the bill a week before. So there we were, opening for some of our favorite rock and roll acts, like Iggy or Turbonegro. We did a great show and even got to know Iggy and Euroboy!!

Recently we had Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands, a festival with a billing that The
Wizards would fit right in. Have you ever been to this festival and can we expect to see you guys play there in the future?

Thanks for that kind words. We know the festival, but we have never attended it, which we would like so much. But it would be even better to play it, but that is not up to us. If we get the call, we´ll be there for sure, you bet. It is one of the best rock festivals in the world right now, so how not??

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, do you have any last words for our readers before your album skyrockets to #1 and noone can stop talking about The Wizards?
Hahaha, that would be crazy man. Well, just give us a chance if you are into heavy and powerful Rock songs played with balls and from the heart. And if you dig us, come and see us live if we stop by your town. We all will have a great fucking time!!

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