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When you listen to extremer forms of metal you can find a lot of fine bands in France these days. One of those bands is Necrowretch who just released their third album ’Satanic Slavery’. A great opportunity to talk to guitarist/vocalist Vlad about recent issues regarding his band.

By: Pim B. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Our last interview was done when you released ‘Putrid Death Sorcery’ in 2013. So let’s catch up a bit. First thing I noticed is that you have left Century Media and are now signed to Season of Mist. Why this label change?
Greetings! Our collaboration with Century Media has reached its end as we were not seeing the future in the same way. At a certain point, you feel that you’ve reached the maximum of a common work and it’s time to move on. Now we will release our first record under the banner of Season of Mist and we’ll see how things go for Necrowretch. We don’t have any bad blood with Century Media and I’m really proud of what we’ve done with them, but this is in the past now and Season of Mist will be the Necrowretch of today and tomorrow.

The line-up has changed a bit too. Can you tell a bit more about that? It’s almost confusing with a former (session) live drummer now handling guitars and bass, your long-time bass-player leaving and so on. So could you clear up what is going on within the band when it comes to the recording and live line-up?
Yes it can be confusing for someone who doesn’t follow the band very often. As I said before, a time comes when a new team is needed to push the band on one more step, and that not only goes for the label but also for the line-up, the artists, the studio… The album was recorded with the following line-up: Vlad (guitars, vocals), Ilmar (Drums), and K.Desecrator (Bass). But K.Desecrator will play the live second guitar and a live bass player will be announced soon.

The new album ‘Satanic Slavery’ has become a vicious beast and you can clearly hear that you have evolved as a band from the early recordings onwards. To me you have transitioned from filthy death metal to fierce death/black in the vein of bands like Merciless, Marduk and Dissection for instance. Now, that is just my opinion. How do you see your progression as a band?
Well, the bands you are mentioning are very important to me of course. But today Necrowretch has developed its own identity around the scene. If you listen to ten recent death metal albums without knowing who is who, I’m sure you will immediately recognize Necrowretch among the rest. After almost a decade of intense musical activities with recording and playing live we’ve managed to create a death metal entity with this “something more”, what the band is now famous for.

The sound of the album is like an uppercut to the chin. I could only find info on the mix and master that was done at Temple of Disharmony studios. Can you tell a bit more about the actual recordings? Did you use the Microclimat Studios again as you did with the previous album ‘With Serpents Scourge’?
No, we recorded the album in Downtown studios (Strasbourg, France) and it was a great choice ! This recording session was very impressive; it was the first time we recorded live and everything was done in three days! We were not satisfied with the previous albums recordings in which each instrument was recorded separately. It was good for the precision but we were losing the impact and the catchy attack of our live sound. As Necrowretch is a band more focused on the raw element than on the precision, we decided to record this new album live. By the first test sessions we were convinced that it was THE THING we needed since many years in term of studio recording. I’m not saying that the previous albums were poorly recorded, but it lacked this touch of frenziness that you will feel in our new album.

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Are you well-prepared when you start recording? I mean, do you exactly know how the songs have to be or is there room for change and improvement while recording?
This time more than ever. After our European Tour 2016 with Infernal Execrator we decided to stop all live activities to only focus on the next album. To be more precise, it was many hours of guitar and composition every day. We recorded many home demos and pre-production tests in order to be 100% sure of each part everyone had to play. We changed some minor details in studio but the overall album was already in my mind one year ago. I was even dreaming about this damned metronome click at night!

The artwork was done by Daniel Corcuera a.k.a. Nekronikon. How was it working with him? Seeing there’s different formats I wonder if the artwork is slightly different too? It seems the vinyl edition is black and white and the CD edition in colour? In addition, can you tell a bit more about the different versions available, which might be interesting for the collectors among us?
It was a bit challenging to put the imagery of the band into the hands of a new artist, but Nekronikon really managed to create arts which are 100% in the Necrowretch universe. We sent him the lyrics and music to help him to craft something really close to our vision and he succeeded at it very well. We will surely continue to work with him in the future. Now regarding the album, the CD version will be in colour and the LP will be in black & white. There will be 5 different LP editions for collectors, each on gatefold with a different colour, some will be limited to the band, others to the Season of Mist shop. All the info is on the Facebook page of Necrowretch. The red version is almost sold out but you can still drop us an email.

You have become a touring band over the last couple of years. How do you actually feel about touring? Some bands love it to be on the road for a couple of weeks (and playing for just of few maniacs on a Monday night), while others stick to shows in weekends. What’s your opinion on that? And are there any stand-out shows you look back on with a smile?
We love to be on tour even if we didn’t manage yet to get on a “big tour”, we are wishing to achieve this goal now that we have a killer new album in our hands. Tour is the part of the year we enjoy the most and it’s too short every time. In the previous years, line-up and work issues were problems that slowed down the live activities we could have done. Now that these problems are solved, we are ready to conquer the world!!

I assume you’ll be doing a fair share of shows in support of ‘Satanic Slavery’? Any tours coming up?
Of course and we are working on our most vicious set list so far, with songs from the new album, the old ones and even from the demo era. The first hits will happen in Turkey were we will play two release party shows, then we have a bunch of festivals and shows in France and Europe, more shows will follow and no one will be left alive!

That’s it from my side. Anything else you’d like to share?
Thank you for your support since all these years! ‘Satanic Slavery’ will be released on April 14th, the date of your final doom !!!

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