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Sigil from Austin, Texas, is a new old school death metal formation around singer / guitarist Alex Citrone, who already released two thrash metal albums with his other band Razormaze before. With 'Kingdom of the Grave' Sigil release their debut album, an album that will appeal to most old school death metal lovers. Citrone, although short-spoken, clarifies a couple of our questions regarding his first full length death metal release.

By: Dennis | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Hi Alex, how are you doing?
Doing good man! On the road in Boston right now but stoked to get back to the band in Austin this week for our record release!

'Kingdom of the Grave' is your debut album and I personally think it kicks serious ass. How have the reactions in the press been so far?
So far the press has been very kind to us thankfully. As a dude who hasn't made a record in years I'm really stoked at the reaction!

You moved from Boston to Texas a few years ago to pursue your career as a tattoo artist. How is it working out for you?
It’s been awesome. Truly though I moved to Austin just to move, not for a career path. Tattooing found me thankfully and its working out awesome. The fact that Sigil is working out to is a blessing for sure!

Did you know any people from Texas before you moved there, and how did Sigil get together as a band?
I knew a few people. I utilized them in Sigils beginning but they obviously all fell off to do their own things a few times over. Initially it was guys from the band Howl up in Providence who had to eventually do their own thing. I’m happy to have my current line-up of dudes as they stand behind my music and my vision.

band imageIn Sigil's biography it is mentioned that you had the material already written before the band came together. Did the other band members bring in new elements or influences when you finished the writing process?
I did. I wrote it long before anyone came to the band. Regardless, every incarnation of Sigil has taken part in how the songs and songwriting has turned out. Andy Bonney and Jeremy have specifically done the most for the bands’ sound and we wouldn't have gotten to where we are without their influence.

The only critical note I placed when reviewing 'Kingdom of the Grave' was the sound of the recording, which I think sounds a little bit dull and flat, almost, but not quite, demo-like. I think that is really a shame, because the song material is so good. Is it just me? Or what is your opinion on the sound? Did it turn out the way you wanted it?
Our intention was to have the record sound raw. I think that in certain cases it sounds under produced but that's because it is. In the future, we'll have more resources. You're not wrong in your assessment.

You are also active in the Boston thrash metal band Razormaze, what is going on with this band at the moment? Can you still be a part of Razormaze when the other guys live up in Boston and you being in Texas?
We are currently 'active' but not pursuing things at the moment. It’s hard to be a part of Razormaze but we all make time when its necessary to take part in the band!

In Razormaze you have played thrash metal for almost ten years. What made you decide to try something new with Sigil?
I have always wanted to try playing death metal and Sigil gave me my outlet thankfully!

'Kingdom of the Grave' will be released through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on April 7th. What's next, what are the plans for Sigil the coming time? Are you going to do a full tour to support the album? Any chance that we also get to see Sigil in Europe?
We plan on executing our release then doing a few tours in the US. If a European tour presents itself we are more than willing and happy to do one! See ya soon!

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