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Musikmesse presents: Veronika Lukešová

The young Czech drummer girl Veronika Lukešová is a rising star in her profession. Her talent on the kit is undeniable and impressive, and on top of that her stage presentation makes it a party for everyone in the room to watch her. The eye is important too at a live experience, and she herself also thinks that just listening to drums after a while is not enough for most of the audience. The organisation immediately took the opportunity to book her when it appeared she was available to perform at the Drumcamp at Musikmesse 2017. Besides her work for Kiske/Sommerville, she was also part of RMC and she is currently working on an album on which she literally takes on all parts, about which we might report later on this year. But first, we look orward to the first ever tradeshow of this Czech born omni talent.

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Welcome to Lords of Metal, the reason I interview you is because of your contribution to Frankfurt Musikmesse. Are you looking forward to that?
Of course, I think it’s really nice event. I appreciate this opportunity and looking forward a lot.

Which brand(s) will you represent there?
I will be playing and representing Tama, Meinl, Remo and Balbex.

Are you attached to the brands, or are you going to discover new brands there in Frankfurt too, you think?
I’m super happy now with what I have, so don’t want any changes like drums, cymbals… Maybe with different stuff, because I’m also composing and playing other instruments. At all nice to hear and see some new gadgets, like for fans of music.

Musikmesse shifted the attention more towards the audience now in Frankfurt and open the door for the audience every day, so it is not mainly a business fair, like it used to be. What do you think of that?
I think its great step. It is always the best to go the “straight forward” way. From main the brand, to a company to basic user. I think that people can better identify with things like this.

What do you think of the intimate, sound proof ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears box’ where you will be performing, do you think that is a god way to communicate with your fans?
Absolutely! It's a really specific opportunity for people to get really close to artists, feel the basic natural energy and see all the equipment in the way you normally can’t see. I like this idea. “It’s real.”

Another thing, how did you get a job with these international artists, Michael Kiske and Amanda Sommerville?
I have met Amanda and Mat Sinner at a project called RMC (Rock Meets Classics), I've had been part of for five years, so we already knew each other.

I assume it is a bit different to play at fairs, compared to regular shows. What is the main difference for you?
It is mostly about the community which comes and what they expect from me as a performing artist. Also it’s more about instruments and players’ skills. I like both worlds. Can you imagine you play a 30 minutes drum solo during a tour with a rock or a pop band? Fans would die and if not fans, your mates from the band would for sure :-D At fairs and workshops you can do that, but honestly, who wants to play only drum solos for a whole life? Not me, so I’m happy I can combine it.

Great, we look forward to the way you fill in your role in Frankfurt. You are putting a lot of emphasis on show in your drumming, which I think is great. What would you have to say to drummers that come to look at you with the sole purpose to see you make mistakes while you are having fun?
I want to identify with what I’m doing and have joy from what I’m playing, connected with energy, power. It’s kind of a matter of taste, it’s music not sport, you can’t measure it. I take it like sharing emotions, energies, waves. Nobody has the same taste. Someone wants sushi, someone steak and someone fresh carrot juice. What is the mistake?

Whatever you do, please keep that show in, we love it!. You now work for Kiske / Sommerville, but you have other projects going too, right? Could you tell more about it?
Thanks, I will keep it. Show must go on hahaha. My other projects, nowadays I really like to say that I’m playing with myself, but it’s not as a complacent drummer. I’m working on my own stuff. Like composing music where I’m recording all other instruments (keys, guitars), as well singing and writing lyrics. It’s like a kind of meditation for me. Now I also try to involve some other musicians, but no concrete name at all, I just focus on a cd now. I would like to have an “exact shape” at the end of the year. I also play here on the Czech scene with other interprets.

wow, keep us posted! Does that also mean you would be available to any interesting job or project that comes along?
If there will be some nice new offer I would like, I’m always up for new things.

What kind of jobs would you most definitely turn down?
Jobs where you have to just sit down, wear dress code and have no right for an opinion. I like to do something where I see sense or it’s at least not bad in some way for others, like I don’t want to be a kind of parasite hahaha.

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You are quite young, but still, how big is your gear collection already at this moment?
I am super happy about my new gear from Tama and Meinl. For the first time now I have a double bass drum kit. That means two smalls if you need it for a pop gig, hahaha. Specifically:

Tama Starclassic Maple 2x 22, 10, 12, 14, 16, (smallest sizes in my history, paradoxe:D) Snares: S.L.P - G- Walnut, Vintage Hammered Steel, Speed Cobra pedals, Roadpro hardware…

18" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash
16" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hihat
22" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash-Ride
20" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash-Ride
10" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Splash
18" Byzance Tradition Light Crash
20" Byzance Vintage Crash
20" Byzance Extra Dry China
15" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hihat
10” Byzance Dual Splash
20" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash

Remo heads: mostly Powerstroke 3, Powersonic, Pinstripe, Emperor, Controlled Sound X.

Balbex Sticks signature model.

Who would you say influence and influenced you the most?
My life experiences. But I guess you want to hear drummers, then Ian Paice, Todd Sucherman, Abe Laborier Jr., Roy Mayorga, Thomas Pridgen and many others.

Will you demonstrate album tracks, sounds, styles or anything else at the Messe in Frankfurt?
Tracks, and to be a little specific: my own, Kiske/Sommerville’s, styles, improvisations, joy… You’ll see.

Will you be out on your own on stage there, or do you have other guests with you?
It will be me. Me, my drums, my music, my smile and my crazy faces.

How important do you think it is for brands, and maybe artists too, to be at fairs like the Musikmesse?[ b]
In my view it is nice, seeing all fans, distributors, artists meet together to enjoy new stuff, music and themselves.

It is very hard to make choices, but what memory do you cherish the most in your career?
I cherish everything almost the whole way. I know it can sounds cheesy, but it’s really like this for me. For example, one small step two years back can influence things that happens now etcetera. If someone gives you sticks to the hands for first time and after a month they said “let’s play a tour with Ozzy”, it would be probably fail. But then again, fails are things which often shift us to the next level most. It’s how you go on after that.

What is still left on your bucket list?
That is hard to say. Right now? Sleep, hahaha. Last days I’m still running somewhere and have not so much time left for a long sleep without an alarm clock waking me up the next morning.

Back to the Messe event, will you be scheduling moments for the audience too, you think?
Yes, I think so.

I give you the honour to close the interview down for both the Lords of Metal audience and the visitors of Musikmesse. Thanks for your time.
I really appreciate fans and all reactions. I’m just happy if I can share some kind of happiness with stuff I’m doing. I wish everybody a beautiful day and tons of great music! Hit it!

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