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The Black Fall

Last month you could read about some new Dutch progressive rock. This month we learn The Black Fall has this name for a reason since 2013. That and other questions were answered with much focus by the whole band, so do read on for a quick update and FAQ of this up-and-coming prog act.

By: Bart D. | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Welcome! My honest opinion is that 'The Time Traveler' is a good listen and shows a lot of dedication and promise. As they say in the Netherlands: "goed spul". How has the reception been so far?
The album was very well received. We've got a lot of positive reactions after the release show and through social media (still ongoing). But also the sale of the album is exceeding our expectations. Soon there will be more reviews published. Until now we have your review and a very nice review from

There are a lot of different ideas melted together on your album. Still, it sounds like a very balanced and coherent record. Was it a lot of work to get all your visions melted into this final product?
We jammed, wrote and recorded a lot of material. It took us some time to get the right sound, to polish all the transitions in our songs and to find the right balance between the hard parts and the more gentle passages. After we recorded the songs we made a selection of what we thought was our best work so far. Worth mentioning: during this process we had the support of Menno Gootjes (Focus' guitarist).

Let's do the band's name: The Black Fall. It doesn't sound like a strikingly original name (though the cover art illustrates it beautifully). Does the name have an origin story?
We started in the fall of 2013. The first feelings we had about the songs were somber or melancholic. Hence, The Black Fall. Although the music's ambiance changed, we already built up a fan base and merchandise/artwork so we kept the name.

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There is this nice line in your promo sheet, about how you will keep on evolving and how while touring for this album, the creative process will continue. That's good to read; a lot of bands struggle with that on tour. How does it work out for you?
There never is a lack of inspiration. We tip each other about new interesting bands and while we finished the last actions for 'The Time Traveler' we already started writing and jamming new material.

About influences and inspiration: when I listen to for instance 'Sonmi 4.5.1' and I put my referencing helmet on, on vocals I go from 21 Eyes of Ruby (melodic lines) to Incubus (deliverance) to The Dillinger Escape Plan. There is a specific vocal passage -"more human than you'll ever be"- that seems like a direct reference to their monumental 'Farewell, Mona Lisa' - is this conscious? There also seems to be a direct reference to Tool's 'Lateralus' with your line "I'm waiting" in song 'The Time Traveler'. Correct or far-fetched?
There's no denying that we're fans of Dillinger. Though the song and sentence “more human than you'll ever be” are inspired by the writer David Mitchell and how in the end we will be unable to see the difference between clones and real human beings. About your next reference: Tool also is a big inspiration for us, so is the way Maynard chooses his melodies.

Now that we've gone through some aspects of the disc: what can we expect on stage?
It's about the music. You can expect a good show, enthusiastic musicians and if the venue gives us the option nice visuals to support the story of our songs.

Over to the last traditional and important question: what can we expect in the near and far future from The Black Fall?
Our first goal is to use 'The Time Traveler' as our stepping stone to get noticed and known in the Dutch and international prog scene. Another goal is to perform at bigger and more relevant venues and festivals. As told before we're working on our next album. You can expect the musical perspectives to change again. Although how they change and influence our sound only time will tell. We'll keep you updated through our Facebook page.

Thanks for the interview. The parting words are all yours!
Prog 'n Roll!

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