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Veil Of Delusions

Last month I got totally blown away by the amazing debut ’Echoes Of Dawn’ by Veil Of Delusions. However the band has a female vocalist they surely do not bring gothic metal but fierce melodic metal that kicks in. Huge amounts of pure energy are released while playing these songs. Not to mention the convincing vocal parts of singer Zoë. Time to meet this band and talk to guitarist Xander ten Boden.

By: William Pezy | Archive under heavy / power metal

At a certain age you started playing together with other people, what kind of bands did you play in?
I started playing guitar when I was about nineteen years old, and got bored of playing Guitar Hero on the highest difficulties. My good friend Martin, who is also a member of Veil Of Delusions, was starting to learn guitar at that time as well. We played and learned quite a lot together in that time, and formed our first band project together with drummer Amber who is now playing in Sisters of Suffocation. We played a couple of covers for about a year and after that we started writing our first tracks, of which a few licks can actually be found on Veil Of Delusion's debut album Echoes Of Dawn which we released a few weeks ago.

What bands/artists did you guys grew up with that one way or the other had a undeniable influence on your musical development?
I started listening to metal during high school after a friend of me told me about Sonata Arctica, which is still among my favourite artists nowadays. After that, I quickly discovered tons of other (mainly modern) metal bands that have had their influence on what I write myself nowadays. It is hard to tell which bands had the most influence on me as I think my style comes from many different bands with many different sounds.

You are a musician, so it is obvious a lot of well-known artists inspired you to start to pick up an instrument yourself. Which other musicians do you admire, and can you tell what makes ‘m so special?
When talking about Sonata Arctica for example, I remember that the first songs that really caught me were the most melodic tracks that they had. These melodies together with the fast drums were the main reasons for me to listen to them, and are also still things that can make a song great to me. I also think that this is one of the reasons why I am not such a fan of most of the oldschool bands, as they tend to feel more raw rather than melodic and polished.

Who is still on you wish-list to play music with and why?

Answer: This could be Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Sonata Arctica... All of the bands that I've adored from the first moments that I've started listening to metal music. But I would also love to play together with Textures, which is one of my favourite bands these days.

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Veil Of Delusions was founded in the year 2010, the band just released its first full length album. Why did you take six years to come to this point?
A mistake that we read a lot in the latest reviews and interviews is that we started in 2010, which is only partly true. Before Veil Of Delusions all the current members except for Zoë were playing in a band called Desolace Divine, which ended somewhere around the end of 2013 when Linda left that band. After more than a year of inactivity due to school and other stuff, the remaining members decided that they wanted to start over again with a different style of music and a different vocalist. Of course we did take some of the stuff that we liked from Desolace Divine with us when Zoë joined us. But it has only been since the second half of 2015 that Veil of Delusions exists, and that was also when we started working on Echoes of Dawn.

Knowing there are a lot of bands and that relatively just a few stand out, how are you going to be a distinctive band?
I think that one of the things that differs us from other metal bands that have a female singer on front is the way of singing. While many female singers in metal tend to choose for an opera kind of song that follows the paths of bands like Nightwish, Xandria etc, Zoë rather sings in the lower regions of her voice and adds grunting and screaming to the music. Furthermore, we just try to write our music in the way we like it for ourselves and let every member of the band bring in his/her own influences and preferences, and that seems to work perfectly.

What are the things that inspire you to write your music? And what message are you trying to deliver? And how do you stay fresh when it comes to songwriting?
When it comes to the instrumental parts of the music, what inspires me most personally is listening to the music that I like. Hearing how great music can be and how much effort artists put in writing their masterpieces is one of the biggest motivators for me. Being able to write great music myself and hoping that there are people who can enjoy them in the same way as I enjoy other band's tracks is what gives me the greatest drive to writing music.

Veil Of Delusions has a female vocalist. However you do not promote yourself as a female fronted metal band, but as a melodic metal band, why?
Having a female vocalist is just one part of the sound of the band. Instead of focusing on the type of singer the band has, we feel it is more important to tell people what kind of sound the band has as a whole.

Zoë is not an average female vocalist, she sounds like sheer power metal instead of a soprano vocalist. Where did you find her?
We had been looking for a new vocalist for quite some time before Zoë joined. It was hard to get people to know about our project and have singers come over for auditions. One day, we put up an advertisement on Facebook. Zoë saw it, came for audition, and happened to be the person that we were looking for.

What are the current future plans for the band?
We are planning on doing a lot of shows in The Netherlands, and hopefully also a couple of other countries to promote Echoes of Dawn. We have also started to write new songs for a second album. We have some great concepts that sound very promising already, and personally I can't wait to work on these!

Alright, this wraps it up for now. Thanks a lot for answering my questions. If there is something you like to add to this interview, please feel free to do so…
Thank you for the interviews, and enjoy our music!

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