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A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the new Furze album. I also remembered a weird interview in the great 'Horrible Eyes' magazine. I was curious how the enigmatic loner called Woe J. Reaper was doing ten years later, so I penned down some questions and sent them to him. Then, a loooong silence endured. Just when I had given up hope for a reply, a fully answered interview was returned to me. The answers are incredibly long, so now I get why he needed so much time. I wish you all the best of luck with reading this beast!

By: Kevin | Archive under black metal

First of all, welcome to the unhallowed pages of Lords of Metal and congratulations on creating yet another work of black metal supremacy. I have been a fan and follower of Furze for many years now, so I was quite excited to see and hear a new album! This album sees Furze returning to a more blackened kind of sound, as opposed to the previous two more doomy albums. What brought forth this return to the old path?
Thank you, yes I'm really proud of the album. I think the production bears a special blend of psych n’ black metal only Furze can deliver. The production is also quite basic at the same time. Of course no triggers or the like. When time has run out for us Im sure this slab of vinyl will be 'the classic' album of ‘em all. That's my inhabile vision for this album right now at least - that a quality dark n’ evil piece of art has finally made it to a classic level so to say. And it doesn't stop here. I'm currently rehearsing six-seven new songs in the same vein (and a couple different sounding too) but as always, a new dimension (aka PolyTriad Fingerprints). I also recorded more material in June 2014 on the same session as R.O.D. from Baphomet Wade and further songs Winter 2015 on Deathhammer’s mobile recorder but at this point I've not decided on their fate. That it ('Baphomet Wade') can be put alongside 'Anno Domini', 'Ego Svm Satana', 'Black Metal', 'The Shining Pentagram', 'Into the Drape', 'The Return...', 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus', 'Abominations of Desolation', 'Show No Mercy', 'INRI', 'The Skull', 'Heavy Metal Maniac', 'Grymyrk', 'Wintermass', you know (everyone have their thing if it`s a true classic) all things metal totalis - yet a corner stone in itself! That is a goal in itself. Not because of the attention, but because of the dedication to this dark music form, to take this this largely diverse form of art of primitive and devilish u.g. Metal, a step further, or a step back too (to hell and back!), production wise I guess. Its only healthy for black metal, to get into a new shape creative wise, but get back production wise. I think that's the main 'cure' for black metal so to say. Keeping the dirt – adding to the new darkness. And not the least, always get to blaspheme the self-righteous dog system, seek one’s self beneath the powers of darkness, and up in all this; get set on the abyssic line and see eternity for what it really is and expose the truth about 'evil' which the masses try to cleanse themselves from but at the same time being completely hung up in its everyday (hypocritical) practice, with or without purpose. Alrite, the style I'm creating and have created before on the riffs etc is a new level. Its more or less impossible to riff like that if you’re holding a piece of plastic (plectrum that is). As many know I'm using a finger-nail-drill technique since the start and I've developed that style even further here. Almost no metal band does that (riffraff without plectrum). Both the bass and guitars are 100% played by organic plectrums (fingernails!), as usual (exceptions are the few lines thru the years with occasional additional session guitar players). And that drastically shapes the riffing style and sound of Furze. If there is one band that is really love or hate it must be Furze, or what (with an overwhelming percentage on the hate side hahaha)?

Darkness came with the wind (I.S. soldiers are approaching our cities, beware!), that's how I returned with brutal riffs in 2012-14 for this album, just like 'Zaredoo' demo 1998 was more doom (with a lyric about the soldiers of Sassam (pronounced 'Sadom' in the song like a crossing between Sodom and Saddam in the text 'God Crawls to the Cross') than 'Necromanzee' demo ’98 and just like N.COGENT was more blackened psych doom than the rather brutal 'Trident Aurocrat' you know. I have and will always create tons of doom, speed, death/black and far out stuff. I will a scan inside the upcoming Hidden Hits ...Vol 2 LP-artwork a copy of the 1997-98 bios I wrote and sent in letters at the time so you can see that I was since before the birth of Furze into Brazilian 80s deathrash, speed, psych, death etc etc and most importantly: black metal by means of creating the Furze from the very start! I mean, even if 'Under A Funeral Moon' came and embraced our souls in early ’93 while waiting for it in awe (probably the one I've awaited the most and which satisfied the expectations the most at one and the same time), I was no stranger to buying the comp LP 'Speed Kills 1' the same year and seriously dig for instance the marvellous Bulldozer’s song on that great ol’ compilation! Albums like that were really cheap back then due to the non-trendiness at the time concerning such albums (eighties metal of the rawer branch). And I would go on and get Mystifier’s 'Goetia' in 93 once out even if the 'respected guys in town' at the time were fuckin Nazis you know. I paid 30 NOK for 'Trans Europe Express' (Kraftwerk) in a small 2nd hand shop in ’93, great days! Evil had no boundaries for me and that's how it still is. I bought the brutal and great albums from 'that side' (the 'Nazis', but many weren’t really Nazis you know) at the same time as I bought Impaled Nazarene and Beherit even if that was politically incorrect too back in 92/93 in Norway, buying Finnish black metal haha... A little later a trendy just-become black metaller looked ugly at me when I told him I’d go to a Slayer show (in '94), because 'they weren't true'... Hahaha (this guy committed suicide later btw), I sat there at my own flat (I actually had my own flat since the age of 16 in 1993, which is rather early age you know) listening to my goody god 'Show No Mercy' LP drinking beer vorspieling to fuckin Slayer. I prefered vodka usually at this time (from the age of 13 in 1990, actually, gin from the age of 12 years ol’in ’89 plus playing 'black jack' loosing a lot of money hahaha), so I'm probably raised somewhere in Sodom city. Damn, guess I shouldn’t have told all this haha) but beer was the deal for this night. Outside that Slayer ’94 gig I sold Hellhammer 'Satanic Rites' bootleg tapes, and almost no one was interested! If that would’ve been 2-3 years later, it would’ve sold out directly (because of 'old School BM' returning more and more from '95 onwards). So where does that land of Furze lie in all this? I guess our rather psych-nihilistic-Triad based black metal style has always been 'too weird for the crowd'. I mean, there is no fooling around, this is no joke band. We have a different take on it (just like Necrovore were different from Mercyful Fate or Necromantia from Blasphemy). I may have thought about changing the name sometimes, the reason being the German meaning of the bandname (which translates to something like fart, something I didn't know before my German girlfriend upon the change from WJR to Furze in 1998 told me the meaning of it, but I didn't give a fuck because the English meaning gave me a completely different vibe). I guess the result have been that I've lost out on a good bunch of potential German metalheads (shame on you) getting into Furze during all these years. As well as going for this self-produced style using analogue old tape recorders since the start in the 90s. In the end we’ve probably raised the highest finger of FUCK YOU ever in this scene and just kept on doing our thing and that's what matters, isn't it? When people go on and say "Furze is weird, that's ok, but don't forget that is originally. It's the same thing that happened to Venom when they introduced their style (they crushed thru though, by use of extreme live appearances), and the same thing with the '2nd wave' (they crushed thru though, by you know what help: media!!) with Burzum, Emperor (demo), Mayhem, Darkthrone: metalheads around at this time were basically (kinda strictly) listening to thrash and/or death metal and said first off: 'it`s too little bass, it`s too shitty produced, it`s just a noisy mess' you know. But somehow once the shops started taking in the CDs, your friend listened to it, so shouldn’t you too? It got accepted and cool. Whereas Furze (who never 'crushed thru' to the point being accepted with the new (old school though) style of Black Psych...) remains 'Strange' and I guess I should be proud of that. That there are die hards who really get a freeze on their back from what I'm doing, that's per definition Satanic I’d say, it stands out! But the potential to reach more die-hards is always there and I don't think its unsafe to say this album should be experienced by a helluva a lot more of them! Trend wise it should be rejected but quality wise it should be in league with the outbreaks of evil mountains in the Underground.

band imageAs far as I know you have always operated alone. Is this because no one else can handle the insanity that is Furze or are there other reasons for this?
Creativity has always been solely my table, but recording has been with a few guests here and there. Now lately with the great guys Valbo (Aura Noir, Obliteration, Void Eater etc) and Sadomancer (Deathhammer, Black Magic, Black Viper etc) and Desecrator (Krypt, Endezzma, Koldbrann etc). Thats on 'Baphomet Wade'. Actually Desecrator was the drummer for this album but after recording half the album he had to quit due to health issues (again), just like he did exactly ten years earlier when he recorded the drums for 'Goatbreath' for the UTD album and the 'Sleipnir-Fascism' during same recording sessions (as UTD) for the self-titled EP of 2004. When it comes to live: Reaper (guitar), Valbo (bass), Sadomancer (Drums) and Mannevond (Vocals). It feels like at the same time as I've grown as a musician I also know better how/where to use and cooperate with other musicians. But I also think there is a sign of culture change in the scene: there weren't guys like Sadomancer and Valbo before: I mean, since I've raised the dead (Furze) I've made people like the mentioned ones actually discover Furze while they were still very young, then they’ve grown into better musicians than myself, then they have also met metal in a time where it`s a lot of art to easily discover. The metal culture has evolved further so the class of today’s younger horde might easier have heard 80s Black Sabbath at the same time as they heard Autopsy classics at the same time as Necrodeath or 1969’s Coven album or tons of speed bands or early or 90s black metal you know. So they are via internet eager to go thru history of dark music and metal. That is a great aspect of today`s possibilities by internet. But, the values that for instance Valbo and Sadomancer possesses are die hard and varied, and that is rare! The new scene don't seem as completely consumed in everyday hatred as the old school days were and hopefully that will make them last longer (channeling the power of souls into a new god – øhhhh) both physically but also spiritually. It's like they’ve learned to balance it out or something you know? Anyway, the outcome is what matters and these days I'm looking forward to releases (next Condor LP which will slay, to name one), and to discover new bands!

A lot of your titles show us strange words and sentences that hint at a unique, hidden world behind them. Where do words like 'Zaredoo' come from? What forces and entities inspire you when it comes to Furze? What is the obsession with the Scythe?
Zaredoo (originally spelled Zharedöö in '96 but was simplified) was 'the force' of the hidden. Zeckra was the microcosm while Zaredoo relates to Macrocosm. Also used as 'Say-Red-Doo'. The Scythe. The scythe freezes all hope; in 'Zaredoo Knives' it was the cemetery of Christianity portrayed, Christendom penetrated so to say. Who knows about the scythe? It`s just that Eternal symbol and I find eternity to be very interesting. It’s the 'crown of gold', it’s the thing that so many think should not be the leading force ('gold') of this world. It’s the ultimate revenge on religious thought and dogma. It’s the war on falseness and lies, it’s the ticket to mayhem: it will reveal what the 'layers of Creation' have in store for you and me before eternity gives you the final blow of Hades. Did Zaredoo have its own language? Only time will tell! One logic I can`t understand: if black metal shall be satanic, and being satanic means doing your own thing in a strong soulful way (amongst other qualities we should say), what is the point in repeating others words saying Furze is too strange when doing your own thing should be the High Goal of Satanic ways/Black Metal? Would it be better if we sounded 'more typical black metal'? No, it would suck and be anti-black metal deluxe! Life is a strange journey and death remains to speak for itself. It’s a good soil for creating the art of black metal, at least to me it is. Add humanity up in all this and you’re on the edge to insanity. Eternity mingles with misanthropy. Furze is not about clinging to human concepts and use it for lyrical inspiration and hide behind that alone. If I feel there is something I really have to express, then I express it, it`s as simple as that. It`s not originality for the sake of originality, that sucks even worse.

I have always had the impression that Furze is a complete outsider band, a band for those that seek the limits of sanity and normality. Has this affected you personally in this way, are you a loner or are you closely connected to the scene?
I feel I'm connected spiritually to a lot of the music that comes and it seems to be better now than where it went in the late 90s. Now you have Goat Semen back (their 2002 demo ruled) finally, the new Nifelheim MPL was cool (I've bought every release when they were out except their 93 demo which I never saw a flyer off). I recently heard the 'The Dark Binding' by Witchclan and it tasted nasty and grim (but should have been better if added a real drummer). Mysticum came back like promised as well as new Pentagram (both USA and Chile). Tiller of Apocalyptic Empire label is also active in Nachash – check them out! Next Condor will crush! Upcoming things from locals Aura Noir and Obliteration should kill. I already have the next Deathhammer so I know that will crush too! Don’t forget Void Eater, the upcoming solo project of Valbo (Furze live member). I don’t go to a lot of shows and I don’t hang around much. It is 1-3 gigs a year that I manage. I've got a daughter of 9 years old and a five years old son, a normal job, Furze, wife, two cats, and four hens in the garden. So all this leaves me look very very normal, square and non-weird haha! I've gotta sacrifice external things in order to run Furze every week, so I never meet a lot of people, except when Furze is rehearsing as a band. Its only Furze, work and home 24/7.

You have recently taken to the stage, with session musicians, for the first time. How was this experience for you? Are you going to be playing more often?
There were one warm-up and one gig in august. Then the first full one in November. I think it went rather well. With the exception of the sound engineer whose very non-metal, but that was our fault, we didn’t settle for a better one upfront, damn! But the ones there seemed to be very very pleased with Furze so... We chose Nachash to warm up, they did a great job on that. But I’d liked to see more die hards come there. I had hired a (using one year of searching) vast witches pot, spent time on homemade special theatrical effects, two different fog/smoke effects (paid some of it ourselves), made a backdrop, made a Baphomet 'statue', made a robe with direct references to the 'Sathanas is Here' lyrics, my wife made a really happening goat’s head, we got a hold of a special very old bench for me that was from an old psychiatric institution’s chapel! That one was endowed with upside down crucifixes. And backstage; the holy trinity dead in a bottle (me exposed to pure vodka after the gig hahaha). It cost more than we got back and remember that I additionally pay alone 800 NOK per month for my rehearsal room (which I've almost lost a few times)! I didn’t want to make it turn into 'Paris Vol 2' so I took responsibility and cut certain plans out, I mean, you know. It`s tempting but shock-rock never went suicide sacrifice, at least not so far. Maybe Alice Cooper will return to new heights on the last of his days? Anyway, right now there are no possibilities for new shows but I'm aiming for it to happen and will let you all know.

I have once read in an interview that Prince’s music has also been an influence on you. Are there more non-metal bands and musicians that drive you to create music?
For Furze there are certain moods and creativity that makes Furze come to be. This comes from the heart of the triad style, yet I don’t deny that for instance Hellhammer, Black Sabbath, old Mayhem and old Thorns have somehow coloured me, I mean, stuff you hold dear in your youth, will somehow. About Prince, I thanked him in 2000 on the first album to be a little extra politically incorrect and because he did inspire me in 1984, the child’s mind. It was the 'Purple Rain' VHS/album. As a whole this artist doesn't mean a shit to me. At that time it was about Twisted Sister/Michael Jackson ('Thriller' possession!), KISS, some Pink Floyd and you know all kinds of shit, I could just as well thanked any of these mentioned ones. Pop, rock, metal, there where no boundaries to me back then, I was too young to understand the difference. I just loved the music I loved. My mother has liked Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath since the glorious debut album years of those two bands though: 1970. And my father (the painter of the new album’s cover art as well as one of UTD’s two covers, both done in the early to mid 70s) loved the same bands just like he loved Deep Purple, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Shadows and The Stooges etcera, but I wasn’t exposed to all the best shit when I was born in the 70s; for different reasons. My life was a chaos to say the least. I'm one of those idiots who could write a whole self biography you know.

Now for the final question, what does the future hold, both for humanity and for Furze?
I've settled on the title. New music is in the air as always I guess I should say, it will perhaps just me a MLP, not sure yet). I now have the front cover ready for it too! I told Costa of Iron Pegasus (we’re pen palls from his Tales Of The Macabre Zine start back in 94): 'New album is in the vein of the older Furze but the Best ever. It`s gonna be THE classic Furze, together with 'The Return...', 'Worship Him', 'Show no Mercy', 'The Shining Pentagram' and 'INRI'. Don't believe me? Just get it - its eeeeeeeeeevvviiiilll!!!!!!!' Costa replied: "I will have a listen when I cross the album…. 'Show No Mercy', big poker, haha". I replied: "At least it`s no joke, but I agree; being the keeper of the Ace Of Spades makes your mind twist and turn (mind on fire!) when cards are so slowly displayed hahahaha!!!" LIVE we will promote as soon as something is set!

Thank you for your time and your cooperation.
Cheers and Baphomet Wade!

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