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You may know this already or this might come as some sad news, but post rock outfit Maybeshewill is touring their final tour as I type this. Dutchies will be able to see them March 12 at Extase@013, Tilburg and March 13 at EKKO, Utrecht. Meanwhile, while the instrumental music of the band speaks for itself, we present a parting interview at Lords of Metal with guitarist and co-founder John Helps. Or: how sadness and satisfaction go together.

By: Bart D. | Archive under alternative / pop

You are right now in the middle of your farewell tour; how is it feeling and what are the responses so far?
It’s been really lovely. We’ve just got back from the first “proper” show of the final tour, which was in New York. It was our first time there and obviously will be our last. It was really intense, exciting and a million different emotions at once really I suppose. Sad, and reflective, but in a way triumphant as well…we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved.

Let's go retrospective for a bit. Maybeshewill started out as a bedroom project. What triggered the coming into existence of the first pieces of music, and how did you get to know each other? And how did the band's name pop up?
Robin (Southby, guitar) and I met at university and bonded over a whole load of different music. That was over a decade ago now so it’s kind of a hazy memory! We started making music and having this idea for a band that we wanted to do but never imagined being able to play live with it or that we’d do any of the things we’ve done with Maybeshewill now. The band name… well… lets just say it’s a pleasant sounding series of syllables. That aesthetic of beautiful things that you can ascribe your own meaning to is something we’ve driven for.

Things kind of grew out of control from there; at what point did you realize this was going to keep you busy and get you around the world, and how did you all react to this?
It was a hobby for a really long time. I guess around the time ‘I Was Here For A Moment’ came out it became a more serious project and something we knew we were going to get to see a lot of the world with… I mean, we’d done some amazing things before then, but more so since I guess. It’s slowly taken over more and more of our lives until the end of 2014 when we toured for four months straight – then we had to give ourselves a bit of a rest after!

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Your music shows a pretty clear identity, yet there are unmistakable evolutions in your sound and compositions. Are there moments you are most proud of as a band?
I’m sure there are different moments for all of us… I think each record has its own sound because we’ve constantly been changing as a band and as people. I feel like ‘To The Skies From a Hillside’ maybe has a little bit of every era of Maybeshewill in it, so that’s a nice place to start I guess.

Let's go from then to now and then some: touring as a band together must be one of the closest kinds of contact friends can have. How does it feel right now for you all, experiencing this and knowing it might be a while for this to happen again?
Absolutely – we all know each other inside out and we’re very close. The band coming to an end has nothing to do with disagreements within the band or anything like that so it will definitely be sad when it comes to the end. At the moment it still feels very positive and exciting but that will slowly be replaced with sadness I’m sure.

You have decided together to end it for now, for different reasons. Can we expect to hear something from you again or will some of you from now on work in a factory for all eternity?
Haha! We do all have different reasons but it feels like a good time to finish on a high. Maintaining a band like this financially is difficult and that’s certainly a factor. You always have to compromise between life outside the band and life on the road – and I think for some of us that was taking its toll. I’m sure you’ll hear from all of us again in one music making capacity or another.

You're a great live band, so it's good to see you saying goodbye with a big tour. Will there be recordings, like the one streaming on your website right now?
Yeah – performing live is a big part of what we do. We’re trying to play stuff from every record and hopefully please as many people as possible. We’ve got plans for a live film of the final show but we’ll have to see how that pans out.

These were my questions, thanks for taking the time to answer them! The parting words here are all yours!
Thanks very much for the questions!

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