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Titaan surprised me recently with a strong but above all very occult album called ‘Kadingir’. The combination of black and death metal, alternated with ambient pieces, and the Mesopotamic magic in the lyrics really enchanted me, so I went looking for the mysterious entity behind the music, named Lalartu.

By: Kevin | Archive under black metal

Greetings and welcome to Lords of Metal webzine. I would like to start by complimenting you on the magnificent work that is ‘Kadingir’. First question: There is little to no information to be found on Titaan. Are you willing to give us a glimpse of the person behind it, perhaps you have been in other bands, or do you think the person behind Titaan is irrelevant?
Hi Kevin, first of alI I am pleased you appreciate 'Kandigir'. The listening of this release is not so straightforward and linear, but if someone is able to perceive its essence I can be nothing other than honored. The aim of this project is to present an intimate overview of the Occult and Magic based on the ancient Mesopotamic beliefs, that’s the reason why I'm truly convinced not to reveal to the listeners neither my identity nor my origins to safeguard the entire mission of Titaan project, in which Lalartu is exclusively an archaic entity, who drives all of us throughout the journey, and not a simple physical being. Concerning my other musical experience, yes I had many before this, some of them well known some other less, but I actually think it's not at all relevant if we are specifically talking about Titaan.

Being Dutch, I really think you have chosen a strong bandname, are you Dutch yourself, or did you choose the word Titaan for its meaning?
Titaan means titanium in Dutch, but in this specific case it is referred to the Sumerian word "Those who live in the Skies". This word encloses all the essence of what we were, have been, are and will be. We are living this journey through our guide 'Kadingir' that means "Skies Gate".

band image'Kadingir' deals with Sumerian/Babylonian/Accadian magic. Can you give us some insight as to why you have chosen this ancient and, in my experience, extremely powerful form of magic?
I totally agree with you, it’s surely the most ancient and powerful form of it. Magic, at that time, surrounded each single aspect of the social living in the Mesopotamic culture and powerfully appeared in every religious ceremonies. Each ritual was sustained and embellished with magical formulas, spells, purifications aimed to obtain from Gods and Demons, what was not possible to achieve through simply prayers. Magic and medicine were strictly connected. Each disease, for instance, was the result of the evil ascendancy of a demon or a vengeful wizard, that’s why all the magical-religious Mesopotamic readings bled of an anguishing fatalism: just a word or a gesture could have been the reason of a series of revenges and unceasing sufferings. The occult/magic aspect laid in 'Kandigir' is not the solely side here represented, but it faced also with cosmology and cosmogony, the Reason which creates the Everything, and that is integral part of this ancient civilization.

The album is a mixture of raging death infused black metal and ambient noise, why this approach? For me personally it works really well to invoke a ritual feeling and simultaneously a sense of dread.
I am truly convinced that each expression of brutality and violence, even if it might seem ordinary, creates a prequel and/or sequel of illusory stillness. The same notion might reflect the philosophical concept of the yin and yang, everything has and coexists with its own contrary, that it’s not unconditional, but it is just an opposite and purely a term of comparison. The intimate side as well as the spiritual aspect, mainly devoted to occultism and magic, have to stand out in every single creation. Each element, that could seem to be discordant at a first sight, might be revealed to be integral and vital part of the whole project one wishes to preserve and transmit. This easily explains the release of 'Kadingir' and its implicit message: black, death, ambient coexists and are integral part of the very same cell.

Why is Titaan a solo project? Is this because of the personal and magical nature of the music or are there more mundane reasons too? Would you consider using session musicians to play live?
I believe certain messages, arrangements and atmospheres should be conceived strictly by a single element. The freedom of expression is inestimable; mainly concerning highly intimate and introspective topics such as magic and occultism. The willing to succeed and emerge distort the very essence of playing a certain music or express a peculiar message. Titaan was conceived as one man band project at the utmost of loneliness and thus will die. Lalartu will remain the only member and creator.

What is the goal that you want to achieve with Titaan? Is it an offering, a magical work, a way to spread certain currents?
Actually I think I've already achieved my personal goal. Titaan gave me the opportunity to express my view regarding the occult and the ancestral and obscure magic. I don't like at all to celebrate myself and I don't aim to be the guide of nobody and nothing. I don't care to be a kind of example for someone or a sort of it... I'm not here to dictate or propagate around any kind of Word or any new spiritual flow. Anyone who will disclose a part of his/her own in 'Kadingir', will do nothing but agree with my thoughts understanding the very same message of my project; the others who will not understand or will not feel the same emotions expressed in this full has to do nothing more to stop the album and go on...

Last question is a standard one, what does the future hold for Titaan?
The future of Titaan will remain Titaan. I will proceed with the project until my journey will not be concluded.

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