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A remarkable clip, great cover-art (worth release on vinyl), and music which is also very much appriciated. Time for some background information about this rising star. Fredrik Jansson and Lennart "Z" Zethzon are willing to answer some questions.

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Congratulations on your first-born; how are the first reactions and maybe even more important, how do you feel about it yourself?
Thank you! We are very proud of the golden child. So far we only had really good reviews of the album. I mean really, really good. When you're working on an album for a long time you might have some doubts if It's good or not so it was actually quite a relief that people really enjoys it. It shows that we were on the right path from the beginning.

Being a new and rising star in the scene, can you please give an update on the story so far; how did you guys get together?
(Z): Bonden and I shared the same rehearsal studio and talked about doing something together. Bonden wanted to bring an old fellow Mackan on board and I wanted to play with a really groovy drummer, so Jansson was called in. We got together four years ago and started jamming just for fun and we got a good feeling. After a couple of months some embryos of songs started to appear. Our singer Roger, an old friend of mine, was brought in as the last piece and the band was complete.

Can you please explain the band name, I mean you guys will probably have no link to LEGO (the term Lugnet is often linked to LEGO), but the translation "tranquillity" is also not the first thing coming to mind when listening to your music
(Z): Lugnet is actually a place close to where we rehearse. Our guitarist Bonden came up with the name and we thought that it would fit. A lot of Swedish people thinks that we play some kind of hippierock with a name like that. Kind of fun to see the reaction when they see us live or when they hear the album. And Lego is from Denmark by the way

Your music seems to be inspired by some great bands from the seventies and eighties. Who actually were your sources of inspiration, and are there any songs which you wish you had written and why?
(Jansson): We have a tons of different bands that we draw inspiration from. I guess the obvious ones would be Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Free. Our singer Roger is the bastard child of David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio so I think that's something that separates us from a lot of other bands in the same genre. Oh...though question about the songs, but from the top of my head: ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by the Beatles, ‘Send Me A Postcard’ by the Shocking Blue, ‘Is There A Better Way’ by Status Quo and ‘Supernaut’ by Black Sabbath just to name four.

(Z): Bonden and Mackan have a lot of Punk and Stoner as an inspiration. Personally I can add bands like Mountain and Humble Pie to the once Jansson mentioned.
‘Supernaut’ and ‘Highway Star’!

What can you tell us about the whole song writing process, is one of you the main songwriter, or is this a process involving the whole band?
It's an ongoing process. Usually someone comes up with a riff and then we throw it around in the rehearsal room for a while and try to build on it. We try to have some kind of skeleton of the song before we play it to our singer and after that he'll put the melodies and lyrics on it. Sometimes the songs wrights itself really fast and sometimes It's takes over a year to get everyone satisfied.

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Any exiting stories from the recording days?
(Z); No sorry. We are kind of nice guys so no drugging/fighting stories this time. Maybe next album.
We try to capture the live sound as much as possible so we work pretty fast when we are recording. Drums and bass are recorded together and then the rest of the band adds their bits and pieces.

There is an interesting story to the video clip of 'All The Way', but I'm sure you can tell that story much better than me
(Z);We came up with the idea that we wanted to make a video with a 70's kind of "revenge/female fury" theme. We agreed that Christina Lindbergs character in Thriller was a great inspiration so we started brainstorming with her in mind. Turns out that Christina actually lived close to where we rehearse and that I knew a common friend. We wrote a script and asked her if she was interested in appearing in the video and she said yes! How cool is that?
(Jansson)I've been a fan of her movies for ages so it was an honour that she wanted to work with us. We actually did another video with her for the song "It ain't easy" that was released a couple of months ago. Watch that as well!!!

Christina Lindberg is also on your album cover; a truly awesome piece of work by Vance Kelly. What's the story behind that?
(Z): When launching the video ‘All The Way’ we needed a good poster that could get the vibe of Grindhouse and be powerful. A colleague gave me a tip about Vance and his truly amazing artwork. I told Vance about Christina and Thriller (They call her One Eye) and he liked the idea. The artwork is based on pictures (by Susanne Baldefors) from the making of the music video. It came out so good that we decided to use it as an album cover as well. It´s a really good concept.

In my review I mentioned the cover art alone was worth purchasing this album on vinyl (and this one is available on vinyl also; great choice!). Are you guys into vinyl yourselves?
(Jansson) Oh Yes! Most of us prefer vinyl. I guess I'm the worst. I spend way too much money buying albums. Vinyl is superior compared to everything else. They sound better, you can do so much more with the art work and so on. Cd:s are small and boring.
(Z) The feeling of the Vinyl is difficult to get on a CD. The cover art is very important. I know young kids are buying Vinyl's to use it as art and then they stream the music.

Your album is released by Pride & Joy Music. How did you end up with these guys?
(Z): It was our friend Lars Criss (who is also mixing the album) that put us in contact with Pride & Joy Music. He worked with Birgitt before and had god references. Pride & Joy is from what I understand a relative new label. Lugnet is doing its first release and that´s often a good combination. We had several offers but my gut feeling said to go with this.

As a final question; what about future plans, touring to support the album, and can we see you guys in our neighbourhood in the near future?
The album will also be released in Japan in January. We are now trying to find a Label in the US for the release in north and south America. We are making some plans for touring and we sure hope to come by, definitely!

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