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In the April/May 2015 edition I reviewed the debut album from the Belgian band Deepshow which you can read here. I am a huge fan of the band Down and Deepshow sounds, including the vocals, as a logical continuation of that band. If you had put the name Down on this album in place of Deepshow, many people would have believed it was Phil Anselmo’s thing. In the meantime a few months passed by and I still listen to the album on regular basis. So it was fun and fascinating to interview singer Sergei Kraven about his band, and does Phil Anselmo know they exist?

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Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
We are a Hoovy band, the band was created in 2011 by Rudy (guitars) and myself . We made the band after the project we were involved collapsed. Due to multiple line up turnover and involvement into our other bands, it took a while before Deepshow started to exist as a stand-alone band. Jason (drums) and Max (bass) were what the band needed to reach the next level.

With ‘The Spleen King’ you delivered an impressive debut album. How did you as a band write such an album in this unique American stoner/sludge metal style?
Rudy Dumont is the collar bone behind those tremendous riffs...the rest is the aftermath of jam material, weed and beer.

The album is very well produced. Where has it been recorded, how long did it take and what was the approach?
It's been recorded and mixed By François Vincent in Brussels. Preprod, recording, and mixing took four months aprox.

Where all the songs already finished when you started recording or were they changed in the process?
Yes, they were. We never enter the studio without any album material, until we become lazy millionaire artists, I guess.

Hahaha, sounds like a plan and are there any things you rather have done differently looking back?
Nope. We really took our time on this one. It sounds the way we wanted it to.

What is the idea behind the title ‘The Spleen King’ and also where does the name ‘Deepshow’ comes from?
Obviously when Deepthroat meets Peepshow...Oh snap! Nah seriously, Rudy and I thought it sounded cool, we were in his car, driving to a garage where I was planning to buy a used car back in 2011. The name showed up in a blitz. It has no particular meaning, you have no idea the other names we had for the band before we picked this one, though. Trust me. The Spleen King is the general feeling that was mine between 2013 and 2014 in my private life. I had hit the bottom back then, and had to struggle hard to bounce back to the surface. The lyrics are the metaphor about the darkness I was into and the star that killed it all away.

How or with what gear did you produce the guitar and bass sound?
It's a secret recipe held by Rudy and François Vincent only. Some say they sold their souls... I think they just had no idea what they were doing hahaha.

Deepshow could easily be compared with the band Down, and even the vocals sound a lot like Phil Anselmo. Was that also a goal or does this comparison bother you?
It's a great honor and privilege to be compared to Down, but trust me, Deepshow has its own thing going right now. Some say Pantera sounded like Exhorder, who cares?

You are right, and does Down know of the existence of Deepshow?
Hahahaha! Next you time interview Phil Anselmo, let him hear our record, and ask him what HE thinks about Deepshow, deal?

We have a deal! On your Facebook I saw some old pictures with five band members? Was he a second guitar player who left and never was replaced?
Yeah, We tried that, but the band sounds better with only the four of us. We thought a second guitar would enhance the heavyness in our live performances. A foolish thought, we are way more badass now.

Are there gigs (or even a tour) in the pipeline to support the album?
Yep, the booking process is highly active at the moment.

What are the plans for the near future?
A second music video will be released shortly. We are planning to nail those big festivals stages next summer (fingers crossed), play more shows, and are currently jamming new songs for the next album.

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