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A while back I was caught off guard by the sheer genius of ‘Ma IoN’ by Acherontas. The album is incredibly versatile and is wrought with occult knowledge and magic. The man behind the band, Acherontas VP, is a person that has my deepest respect for his occult works and now that I had the chance to ask him some questions, I did not waste the opportunity. As I expected he is a bit cryptic and keeps things hidden, but that is exactly what occult means. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will know.

By: Kevin | Archive under black metal

First of all, I want to compliment you on your amazing new album 'Ma IoN, it is a true work of black art. Are you satisfied with the response to it so far
Thank you Sir. Yes. It is far our best esoteric work. I don`t like to say that ,as many use it to promote their last work for commercial reasons. But Honestly in all ways is the first time I would not change anything.

On the promo sheet I read that there are quite a few guest contributions. Could you tell us a bit more about how you came to work with these people and what specific contributions they made? The promo sheet is not clear on this.
Thomas from Abigor helped in the mix of our work and did the final mastering. Also Honored the Coven created the Opening Intro of the new Album. Carl from Nightbringer wrote lyrics in one track and did some vocal lines in the whole album as well with Nibiros from Malign/Ofermod. Edgar Kerval and John Longshaw as was happened in Amenti release they created the Ritual ambient parts and wrote some esoteric Philosophical Texts. Indra from Naer Mataron also participated in some solos of the album. All of these Individuals are in our close society sharing many personal issues regarding the Occult and the Art of the extreme scene.

One thing that, to me at least, is obvious about the album is that there is a great and potent magic woven into the music. The fusion of ritual and shamanic music with black metal works tremendously well. I wondered, did you start by writing the metal parts and structures first and decide to add these ritualistic elements later, or did you have a certain kind of working in mind for each song and compose around that with what that effect called for, be it metal or shamanic?
Me, Saevus and Hierophant as the core of the Coven we created the whole Metal Parts. The ambient Ritualistic Hymns done separately and as an alchemical paradigm and all united as one in the end. All the co-operations we do are not based in luck.

As I said, I sense the album is heavily charged with magic. Is 'Ma IoN' an expression of your magical persona or is it purposely meant as a spell or portal?
It is the mirror of my Inner self and the expression of my Nightside life experience.

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Sadly, the promo did not come with lyrics. Going from the lyric video they are strongly rooted in the Draconian tradition. Do you care to share some words about them to our readers, or do you prefer to keep them for those with eyes to see and ears to hear?
No. I am disgusted by the whole trend of the new modern occult scene. Everyone copy paste his PDF readings and talks big words for their works to attract the masses. Occult means Hidden .And must remain like this. All that is permitted to be available in the mortal masses are including in the Rich Booklets of our releases. Our art is here to make the few embrace their potential and make the mortals dream and see behind the shadows of matter No more words needs to be revealed. Let the Dreamer create his own world of view. 18 Years of Our Art is easy someone to dwell in our Vibrations of our Creation.

It has been a while since I have witnessed one of your live rites. Are you going to incorporate these ambient and ritual parts into a live performance? And if so, how?
We perform to create Vibrations and serve some Higher purposes. We are not interested to perform shows everywhere and anytime for party and entertainment. Black Metal was and must remain an esoteric extreme expression of the Elite. Too sad that nowadays purity has been lost. Katharsis always shall discriminate the useless acts. All in Life is an Ourovoros.

A question that may seem standard but none the less can evoke some good answers is this; How do you see the black metal scene of today? What excites you and what disgusts you?
With my replies above is easily someone to understand for what we stand for and what we stands against. We Are Real to Those with Eyes to see.

Finally, what does the future hold for Acherontas? And feel free to add a final statement if you do so desire
Creation is the Athame of the Sorcerer. We shall continue to serve the Science of Divinity without any special plans among the Human Herds.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.
I thank you for the interest.

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