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Frankenstein Rooster

Some artists really have the urge to do something completely different. To cut loose from everything you have been working on so far and try some of your own ideas. Raffaello Indri is the musical mastermind behind the Italian Frankenstein Rooster and he is one of those musicians. Known for his work with Elvenking, but he wanted to do something with the influences of his instrumental guitar heroes. After creating two albums he has taken quite some time to process his personal ideas and influences. Where does Raffaello Indri stand after the release of ‘The Nerdvroctic Sound’s Escape’?

By: Ruben | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Frankenstein Rooster is a band that not too many people might already know. Would you be so kind to introduce the band to our readers?
I formed the band in 2008 with my friend guitarist Marco Celotti. The purpose was to create an instrumental project of fun, where we could mix genres with a cheerful and easygoing attitude.
Years later, with drummer Camillo Colleuori, we decided to revive the project; enriching the initial proposal with electronic elements that sounds more like heavy prog and with film quotes. So in the last work ‘The Sound Nerdvrotic's Escape’, I wanted to include all those musical elements that give me enthusiasm with the challenge of being able to integrate them in a more coherent way. The result is a monstrous creature that can fascinate someone, but also scare someone else.

You recently released a very good album, but what does the title, 'The Nedrvrotic Sound' Escape', mean?
Thank you very much! “Nerdvrotic” is a play on words between English and Italian language where I wanted to incorporate the word "nevrotico", meaning neurotic in Italian, and the English adjective Nerd. I wanted to give the idea of this escape of sounds from the world of film and music. With me and Camillo in the act of chasing him and harness them into something musically interesting.

You only play instrumental songs, why is that? Have you never thought about adding vocals?
Indeed I' m a great fan of the guitar solo and I always enjoyed all the great lead guitarists, from Steve Vai, Satriani and Steve Morse, to the giant Shawn Lane. I have a very important collection of cd's related to the world of instrumental guitar playing, which always had me thinking of doing an album in the style of my myths. Now that my desire is fulfilled we are already working on the new album that will probably be sung. We do not put constraints on what passes in our heads and then the time will be right to add a singer to our project.

A great lot of different styles are present on the album, which really creates a very interesting sound. Could you explain how you got to like those styles so much?
Over the years I have tried various musical genres, finding them all exciting. I am continually fascinated by ethnic sounds and exotic scales. This led me to study and improve certain musical cultures and filter the various inputs acquired in a language related to sound of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I like to think this record as a summary of all that has been my musical experience and what I actually like to play.

Were there things that you gave some extra focus, after receiving the reviews and reactions on 'The Mutant Tractor?
On the previous album, there was the desire to keep the sounds bare and essential. We wanted to recreate the approach of the rehearsal room. The criticism has been positive and the simple and festive attitude was perceived as an added value to the project. ‘The Mutant Tractor’ had to be supported by a comic, but I never had time to realize it and it remained only in my head. Every song would be a cartoon character or a situation related to the story of the comic. In this new work, I wanted to arrange the compositions in a more structured way. I wanted to play all the instruments, except the drums played by my fraternal friend Camillo. The two albums are therefore very different from the point of view of timbre and story, but neighbors in the idea of contamination of musical genres.

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What made you start Frankenstein Rooster in 2008 and what goals did you have in mind when you released your debut?
As a fan of the great guitar heroes of the 80's I always wanted to create my own instrumental album for the simple pleasure of playing and getting involved. I didn't place particular goals but satisfy my desire to play guitar and enjoy the sense of freedom without limits of style or genre. As I said the record would also be supported by a comic that I wanted to make, but it remained unfinished.

Is there is a limit on the albums that you can make with this kind of instrumental music? Are you afraid that people might think it becomes repetitive?
What I do with Frankenstein was born from a need for freedom of expression without fear of displeasing anyone but myself. Right from my first compositions I've always tried to pursue the intent of doing something original. If I felt that what I had written was similar to something I was changing direction. Clearly the results have not always been a commercial success, but certainly have satisfied my artistic and musical vision. In the years of studying composition and arrangement I have gained the ability to compose and analyze the different musical genres and create compositions to the functional demands of the band or work. In some cases being repetitive doesn't scare me and it has indeed become a requirement imposed by the expectations of a particular audience. With Frankenstein the goal is to create something new, sewing the various genres of music into something that to purists may be monstrous, but gratifies us fully.

Personally I hear some similarities to instrumental musicians like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Do you recognize this? And if you do, are they an inspiration to you?
Yes, I've always been in love with the big lead guitarists like Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse and, above all, Shawn Lane with which I am strongly linked. I wanted to dedicate the song ‘The Spirit of Shawn’ to him. His playing and extraordinary technique allowed him a unique freedom of expression. I love his improvisations with Indian musicians and I'm very sorry for his history and his premature death. For me, Shawn Lane is the highest degree of freedom of expression through the guitar technique.

Will you be touring to support the new album? And if so, are the Dutch fans able to see you in the near future?
In these days we started planning the concert promotion to ‘The Nerdvrotic Sound's Escape’ in our area. Of course, we would like to leave the confines of Italy and for us to play in the Netherlands would be great. With Elvenking we played there on several occasions and we’ve always had a great time. Both with the hospitality and organization. Therefore, we do appeal to some brave local promoter who wants to organize the Franken show in Holland. We are ready to go and we are cheap!

Well, that's about it for this time. If I forgot some important feature of what's going on within the band please feel free to add it here.
I want to thank you for your interest in our work and to define the monster Frankenstein Rooster. Also, thank you in advance to all the Dutch fans who grant us a bit of their precious time to listen to our Nerdvrotic album. Greetings from Italy \,,/

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