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Any Given Day

In September you might possibly have read the review of Any Given Day´s debut album ´My Longest Way Home´. The album sounded so promising that we decided to have a conversation with this band. Drummer Raphael Altmann was the representative and explained us with enthusiasm about their debut, the tour with their buddy´s Caliban and what the idea behind Rhianna´s cover ´Diamonds´ was.

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Congratulations on your new release. Can you explain what is currently happening in and around the band?
Thank you! A lot of things are going around at the moment. We are making plans plans for the next year and hopefully we can play some big festivals. We are trying to play live as much as we can to bring our more music to the amazing people! Our first European Tour with our buddies in Caliban is starting in January which is certainly going to be a great experience.

’My Longest Way Home’ just came out. How is the response on the album so far?
We are overwhelmed by the support and the amazing feedback to our first full-length which is absolutely great. We have reached place 28th of the German album charts which is so unreal, I mean we are not a pop band and nobody was expecting something like that. It was really a great success for the whole AGD Family.

How do you look back on the album yourself?
It was terrible that our fans had to wait so long for the release. We are so proud on our fan base who is supporting us all the time without even having much of our music. We had a lot of time to write and mix the album. It contains songs who are two years old and some of them are really new. I think you can hear the process of the bands development on the album. We tried to produce a modern album but never forgot our roots or where we musically came from. We are very happy with the end result.

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As some people might know you have released a cover a Rhianna’s ‘Diamonds’. Can you tell me something on the response of that cover and what it brought to the band?
It brought a lot. I mean we were a local band till we dropped Rhianna´s ‘Diamonds’. It was fun for us and we wanted to make a cover of a pop song. It is risky decision for a metal bands to do something like that but we tried to do that which we thought was not a bad idea. Our version of the song kind of exploded, and not only in Germany. We got feedback from all over the world like “thanks for making this song audible” which made it was a big confirmation to our work.

How and why did you came to the idea to cover that song?
Our Guitarist Andy had the idea. We actually wanted to cover something like Papa Roach or Limp Bizkit which are bands we listen to in our childhood. One day Andy came with the first chords and everybody in the band said “wow we have to do this!” Ok not everyone, but we´re a democratic band. We chose this song because it polarizes so much. We wanted to show the people ´Diamonds´ in an AGD style.

Already in that cover it became clear that Any Given Day plays a blend of deathcore and a more melodic kind of metalcore. Because of these large dynamics it is quite difficult for some metalheads to swallow. Did you experience any difficulties with that at the beginning?
Not really. There´re always opinions, but you have to try to do your own thing, no matter what people say. I think our advantage is that we speak to a lot of people, no matter what age or which metal-genre they came from. We just want to bring back some melodic metalcore but in a modern way which we like to keep calling “metal”.

What are the most important ambitions for Any Given Day?
Shows, shows and again shows. Today it´s so important to catch the people live. To be on the road and play for our fans is the best thing. It is a dream for us to get over to the USA some day. We have to strengthen our name in the metal-scene and find our way to reach more and more people who listen to metal and hopefully to AGD, so spread to word!

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