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The Body Politic

For the September edition we already listened to The Body Politics EP ‘Egressor’ which lead us to the conclusion that it was worthwhile to have an interview with this band from the beautiful west cost of Canada. Because of the time difference I had an interview with guitarist Dan Montgomery late in the evening. He showed us an interesting look in the past of the band were they had made a connection with a more alternative music scene and even with Led Zeppelin. A band which have grown into a new style and Dan explained us with passion how they have managed to grow into that.

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First of all congratulations with the release of the EP ´Egressor´. Can you tell me something about the history of the band?
The band started with the drummer and the other guitarist Matt which you can regard as the original members. In the second year they auditioned Sam which is our singer and in the meanwhile I already met a few of the members of the band before I was in it. I instantly liked them allot when I first heard them. When I joined we were starting to write new stuff and had some couple of member changes afterwards. Our bassist which joined later came from a sort of post-alternative band and was already familiar with Alter Human. Because of his background he really was a natural fit to the band.

How would you describe the style of your band and where do your influences come from?
We like to call it a blend of styles from different genres. We have a few guys in our band who have got education in music and for example our bassist had some in jazz. From that we have some jazz phrasing in our music and we are all very into artists like Alan Holdsworth. And besides that we are influenced by bands like Periphery, Textures, Intervals and Meshuggah. My personal influences came from bands like Lamb Of God, Protest The Hero and Misery Signals.

Can you tell me somewhat more about your personal influences?
I originally started as a bassist and learned allot of jazz which in a way influenced me. Besides that the guitar players of Lamb Of God really got me into their fast riffs and Frederik from Meshuggah was very important for my playing as well. At the moment and I am listening allot to the Contortionist which has a really progressives dynamic style with jazz influences. And if your read to the liner notes of the album called ´Exoplanet´ along the music it is like you are watching the movie ‘Prometheus’.

I also heard a Sikth vibe in your music. Can you explain me where that came from?
Well our singer and I knew about Sikth for a long time and we kind of considered them as a proto-djent band.

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It is been three years after the bands previous release. What was the reason to release and EP instead of a full length?
Our previous album Alter Human is somewhat more dated. At the times the band was in high-school they were actually playing Led Zeppelin like covers. Because of that it was more of an alternative album and since we are still progressing so much in our style we decided to bring out an EP.

What is your view on The Body Politic in comparison with other bands in the genre and what are your thoughts on the accusations the djent movement is getting?
Like the bands I already mentioned are the ones which sound different from each other. But there are bands from certain labels which all use the same Axe-FX patch, and the tight production give them indeed a sound what makes them very similar to each other. For that reason we are going for a different approach in terms of recording, to find a sound which is more personal to us. But obviously is that the bands we listen to and like allot influenced our way of writing. In the end it is important to us to find our own sound and to make a mark in music.

Do you think the style of music is growing to a large audience?
It is a style that has some more accessibility to it than others so in that sense it has the potential to grow to a larger audience. There is a band we are going to tour with soon that has a more alternative sound. And that will expose us to a different audience which still has to potential to like us because we have some alternative influences as well. The use of clean vocals and almost pop-like production obviously make things also more accessible.

I noticed there is some difference in the sound of your singer compared with singers from other bands. Can you tell me something about his influences?
He is influenced by some singer-song writers were he is into allot and obviously gives his sound a unique vibe.

What are the most important ambitions for the band?
We really are starting putting our focus on touring. The past few years we only play around the west coast of Canada and because of the long distances in Canada it is quite difficult reach places further away. But still it is important to us to reach them and trying to expand them to the United States and beyond.

Thank you very much for the interview and the best for the future.
Thank you very much as well and thank you for staying up late.

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